Saturday, September 25, 2010

Darwin vs God

Darwin vs God ……. “The Futile Battle of Creationism vs Science”

The resolution of this battle is so simple that it will be near impossible resolve. The problem is simple......

ALL religions separate God from His Creation which creates the illusion of the "supernatural." The reality is that God lives and works within and through His Creation and His PERFECT Laws. Discovering the mechanism of Creation through the "Gift" of the Scientific Method does not disprove the Creation and it's in fact PROVES His existence and nature because in Science...there is ALWAYS cause and effect. Discovering Darwinian Natural Selection as the mechanism of Creation of life unequivocally proves a "Force" behind it. This "Force" is God. It is the great liar himself Satan..that has created the illusion that God's Natural Selection disproves God and gives the atheist an alternative explanation of existence. "Only the fool says there is no God" and is obviously also ignorant of Science! The ironic thing is that in the original Hebrew, Creation in Genesis is "phylogenetic" and even supports the "heterotroph hypothesis." The error of literal interpretation of God's Inerrant Word and FINAL Authority has blinded the Truth of God's Nature as revealed through His Son Jesus Christ. We are Created in God's Image which includes His GIFT of the Scientific Method and His Word recorded in the anthology known as the Holy Bible cannot be understood out side of God's Laws. When Isaiah tells us that God's ways are far above man's...he was not talking Science....he was talking about God's Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Morality, Holiness…. AS REVEALED by Jesus. The "Amazing Kreskin" once said.. "The Supernatural is the Undiscovered Natural" and God's Word supports this idea better than any religion AND George Lucas ,creator of the 'Star Wars " saga, is closer to Biblical Truth than ANY religion on Earth, including Christianity! (only difference is George, in his story, had one man sacrificed for one man....Obi Wan "saves" Annaken .....where God our Father sacrificed His Son Jesus to "save" ALL humanity) The battle between Creationism and Evolution is an illusion created by the great LIAR Satan because he knows Darwinian Natural Selection is the "Finger of God" and he can't afford to have man discover this TRUTH!

I have accepted that the Holy Bible is the Inerrant Word of God and the FINAL Authority on Earth for EVERYTHING which is why I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I taught Biology for 35 years and I understand the difference between mechanism and motive. The ONLY result of the battle between "Supernatural Creationism" and the 'Finger of God" revealed by His Gift of the Scientific Method......Darwinian Natural confusion that prevents man from coming to the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a small little voice telling folks it's time to stop arguing the mechanism of Creation and CONCENTRATE on the Love that God revealed in His Son Jesus! I know of NO ONE who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior by convincing him that Darwinism is evil and God is NOT allowed to be IN HIS CREATION so He created all things "Supernaturally " through the "blind faith" in Creationism. My God is all powerful because His Spiritual and Physical Laws are perfect and cannot be broken......" My God does not need "cheap parlor tricks" to Be GOD!!! My God showed me His Glory and His Love for me in His Son Jesus Christ!!!! In the Peace of Christ...David Brown