Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Divided World

The battle between Science and Religion is an "illusion." From Galileo to Scopes to "today".....BOTH sides are pulling out "all the stops." Religion/ Creationists spend tremendous resources in this battle to defend the Bible and Jesus Christ (when they should be spending these resources on preaching Christ and Him Crucified) and Science and atheism are doing the same to refute any and all Religious claims. Ironically, BOTH sides are contributing to the "illusion" and the result is "pseudoscience" that enslaves mankind in perpetual ignorance of REALITY. 

A Divided
World ................

The world is divided politically, spiritually and economically. America is the last to be
divided.....neighbor against neighbor. husband against wife, brother against
brother, sister against sister, families against families, friends against
friends.....WHY? Some say it is "supernatural" and it sure seems
so except for the Biblical Truth that the "supernatural is the undiscovered
natural." (Kreskin) The Bible reveals the ABSOLUTE
is clear that the world will be divided just before RESTORATION.
(Unfortunately....everyone thinks it means the "end of the world".....THAT is NOT
Biblical (Isaiah) .....the Bible is NOT about is about our
rightful place in the Cosmos.)

"For our struggle is not against flesh
and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers
of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly
realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

The problem people have in understanding this Scripture is they assume "flesh
and blood" refers ONLY to humans from planet Earth and that
"spiritual" refers to the illusion of the "supernatural" a
catch all phrase to cover the unknown. 
Many people claim to believe the Bible is Truth and then reject the
existence of Extraterrestrial life, the ultimate oxymoron, because the Bible is
without a doubt the best "evidence" we are not alone in the Cosmos. 

In addition, people have no clue what Heaven is. Most concepts are pure fantasy
based on the illusion of the “supernatural” and a God Creator that is external
to His Creation and that His Creation had a “beginning.” Einstein was quoted as saying …“Time is an
illusion, no matter how persistent” and his discoveries of Relativity theories
offers convincing evidence of this. 
This concept leads to the obvious conclusion that “time” never had a
“beginning “ and will never end, a concept supported by Scripture in that “God
existed with Jesus Christ” BEFORE Genesis 1. 

152 years ago French chemist Louis Pasteur performed an experiment that logically
verifies there is no “beginning” in that the experiment verifies “that ALL Life
MUST come from pre-existing Life”…the Law of Biogenesis. If life always existed according to this
Law, a beginning to the Cosmos is meaningless. New Cosmological theories like “Bubble Theory” finally
parallels Pasteur’s discovery. Unfortunately, Science does not perceive this
concept because they believe Darwinian Natural Selection explains the Creation
of life when in reality is only explains “change” in the diversity of
life. Science celebrates Pasteur for
disproving abiogenesis and then claim it happened at least one, a violation of
the Law of Biogenesis because they insist on a beginning to Creation. It is ironic that Science shares this
illusion with Religion! It is these
illusions that have prevented mankind (those in Science and Religion) from understanding the God revealed in the
flesh by Jesus Christ…the God that dwells within His Creation and works through
His Creation and His PERFECT Laws. This
knowledge reveals “we are not alone in the Cosmos.”

In fact, the Bible is reveals that 2/3rds of Creation is unified within the
"collective" God and 1/3rd chose to be "gods." The
Scripture above refers to these "rebels", the source of all that is
evil. Humans are mere pawns of these "gods" and are therefore "victims"
of these "dark powers."

The assumption that this Scripture refers to the illusion of the supernatural is the very
reason people judge each other and learn to hate each other and even kill each
other. God's "gift" of
Science is revealing reality and Quantum Physics has revealed that the
mechanisms of what we call the supernatural is indeed undiscovered natural.
(ie; Quantum Entanglement)

The "dark side" of Ephesians 6:12 
does not want mankind to know he is part of a great Cosmic Family
because that would free all of mankind from this "spiritual
slavery" and the "flesh and
blood" powers seduced by these rebels are not about to give up their power
over men!

The REASON my explanation will be perceived as naïve and fantasy is because BOTH
Science and Religion has no clue who or what God is. Atheists do not believe in
God….any and all gods. They make this claim on 
the definition of the God of Religion which requires such God or gods to be “supernatural.” Because of this reasoning I conclude that they are correct….THERE IS NO SUCH GOD OR GODS because there is no

“supernatural”. The Incarnation of Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus The Christ, 2000
years ago reveals that the God of all Religions is imaginary and the ONLY True
God is the God WITHIN as revealed in John 14:8-19. Atheists demand “evidence” for belief in anything. They claim there is no evidence of God and again…they are correct for how can there ever be evidence of something
imaginary? Unfortunately, they and Science and Religion overlook Pasteur’s
simple experiment that proves the very God Jesus revealed, the “God WITHIN.” 

It has been my experience that atheists I have known and the ones I have read their literature, are not true
atheists but actually agnostics because they claim they “believe” ´there is no
God, they have no choice because there is no evidence there is no God.
Ironically, atheists claim their belief is not a Religion. ANY belief system that tries to
explain where we came from and where we
are going and whether there be God or 
gods or not is by definition a Religion. Just because they have no
organized groups like a church does not release them from the definition.
Actually…many are quite well organized and they insist on proving the
inadequacies and failures of Religion as supportive of their position and they
can’t understand why anyone would ever believe in a God. Ironically, I agree with them to a certain
extent because I can’t believe I believed in the God of Religion. 

The assumption the ancient writings collectively called the Bible is about the God
of Religion is erroneous and the revelations of Jesus Christ prove it. Christians say Jesus is God. Indeed He is
and Jesus says WE ARE TOO in John 14:8-19 
and Psalm 82:6. When this TRUTH was revealed...I learned the
Bible is NOT about Religion but definitely about REALITY……the reality we are
not alone in the Cosmos and we are members of this Cosmic Family (Psalm 82:6).

Science itself in a way is a Religion as well because they, like Religion “need” a
beginning to existence and really need a starting point for Darwinism… the
“first cell” that “all life must come from” for without that “first cell” there
is no Natural Selection to “select.” They celebrate Pasteur’s disproving abiogenesis and then claim the
Miller/Urey experiment proves it……the biggest oxymoron ever. 

The Miller/Urey experiment made amino acids by spontaneous reactions between CO2, NH3,H2O and H2….the presumed primitive atmosphere of Earth. The assumption that these amino acids
spontaneously formed the protein enzyme polymers necessary to catalyze
interactions between more complex biomolecules like the “self replicating and
genetic recording” nucleic acids (DNA-RNA) is more about BELIEF than TRUTH making Science and atheism a “Religion” whether they want to admit it or not! This assumption does indeed “make an ASS
of U and ME!” The bottom line is the Law of Biogenesis is unbreakable just as the Laws of Thermodynamics are
resulting in the “ENZYME PARADOX”……abiogenesis is impossible. Because Science AND Religion share the same
illusions…..Darwinian Natural Selection is still classified as a “Theory” and I say it is about time we “promote” it to Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection along with Biogenesis! 

NOTE: Darwinism...."The Finger of God".... is NOT the ONLY mechanism God uses for Creating Diversity of Life throughout the Cosmos. Since Jesus and Pasteur did indeed reveal God is NOT external to His Creation and that He dwells within and works through His Creation and His PERFECT is obvious that He uses Recombinant DNA to "tweak" up the genetic composition of of any population's gene pool He chooses to "tweak.". BTW..He never stopped "tweaking" and I suspect He has been quite "busy" the last 5,000 years! (Adam=rDNA, Eve=modified cloning...."flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone" ...., Jesus=in vitro fertilization....50% Human  DNA  from Mother Mary, 50% "Divine" DNA from God.)

BTW....Jesus will be returning to our planet "sooner than later" (because of the  May 14, 1948 "event"),  the SAME way He left 2,000 years ago (Acts 1:6-11) to RESTORE Earth to the Cosmic Family AND the "elite powers" who control the planet are not very happy about that!

"May The Force Be With You"

In Christ.....David Brown, Oswego,NY