Friday, October 14, 2011


What is "original sin?" Was is more than just a moral choice made by Adam and Eve that resulted in the "fall from grace" of mankind and was passed on to all of their progeny...the human race? It is obvious there was a "choice" to disobey God and Adam and Eve chose to disobey...... however.....why has that "choice" resulted in the "fallen state" of this world? The answer can be explained Scientifically. Man was Created with Free disobeying God the perfect nature of the original DNA in Adam and Eve was altered and became imperfect as a result of their choice. Disobeying God is harmful to both God and His Creation because it alters the nature of life from one of perfection to one of imperfection. It damages man's original DNA state of perfection. This is the reason that only God Himself is able to correct the error in the DNA caused by "the original sin."

Since Adam was the first Homo sapiens, our DNA can be traced to his "tainted" DNA. It is critical to understand that man did NOT evolve through Darwinian Natural Selection like plant and animal life on this planet has and no doubt on other planets as well. Life's diversity Created by Natural Selection is God's Creative force ("The Finger of God") and ALL life Created by this mechanism is PERFECT and without SIN. Adam was created in God's image by RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY directly by God Himself THROUGH His Creation because HE IS His Creation. This "direct" mechanism of Creation (rDNA) is the source of the Law of Free Will. Since Life Created by the "Finger of God" (Natural Selection) is perfect and sinless....the Law of Free Will does NOT apply. (God does not need "magic" to be God, His Natural Laws are perfect as they are. It is man who requires the "magic.") The truth about "original sin" therefore, is about defective DNA that incorporates the propensity of SIN in ALL Homo sapiens and the ONLY way it can be corrected is by FAITH in Jesus Christ......PERIOD! In fact..the ONLY way the DNA could be corrected was by God Himself by Incarnating into the Homo sapiens "flesh" and paying the "penalty of death" that the defective DNA carries in all humans. (probably related to the "telomeres." in the DNA) Since the Law of Free will applies to have a choice to accept God's intervention in "correcting" the sin transmitted in the defective DNA or reject it.

Jesus only had 50% of the human genome from His Mother Mary of the House of David. His "other" 50% of His genome was "Divine DNA" placed by God HIMSELF through His Creation by rDNA as I have already stated!. Frankly..I believe this SCIENTIFICALLY proves that islam and Mormonism are well as Hinduism and Buddhism etc.....AND even more so for NEW AGE philosophy. The "key" to discerning "religion" (ALL OF THEM) from "reality" is that the man made requirement that God has to have a "supernatural" character and must be separate from His Creation is PURE ILLUSION! The simple TRUTH is that the "supernatural" is the undiscovered "natural." (Kreskin) God's Creation and the Laws that govern it is is the Law of Free Will to "be god's" or to "be WITHIN God" that determines what "reality" a "being" experiences. If one chooses to be "a god" they WILL "create" their own "counterfeit" reality." If one chooses to remain "WITHIN God" and accepts the Truth of John 14:6......I Am the Way the Truth and the Life.......THEY WILL experience "Eternal Life"....True Reality. Ancient writings reveals that two thirds of Creation chose the later and one third chose to be "gods" and it is these "entities" that influence planet Earth with illusions that prevents many from ever experiencing the Truth and TRUE REALITY. It sounds "religious" to say Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus the Christ, revealed "reality" 2000 years ago but that is EXACTLY what He did. He said.."You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you FREE." The question is free from what? The answer is freedom from ILLUSIONS that religion creates.......ALL OF THEM!. It is man who made a "religion" out of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. God does not create confusion....that is man's doing.
God's gift of Science, a process that is the very character of God, is the key to exposing illusion because it always leads to Truth. Science that fails the test of repetition is NOT is "pseudoscience." The religious claim it is "God's Spirit" that allows us to discern illusion from Truth. There is an abundance of "religions" all claiming to be Truth. The "truths" taught by these religions (even within the over 500 denominations of Christianity) have divided mankind causing oppression, prejudice, hatred, racism, misguided nationalism and killing in the Name of God. That condition is NOT a characteristic of the God of Creation...the ONE who two thirds of Creation has remained "within." Science exposes illusion because it is independent of man's "fallen" nature, unlike religion and philosophy that is subject to man's bias, a condition of his fallen nature. Science is the "tool" that discerns illusion from reality in ALL human action and thought. The writings of men that pass the "test" of Science IS reality and the collections of ancient writings in the anthology known as the Holy Bible is the ONLY collection of writings that does pass the "test" in all cases. If a writing fails the Science test in one tiny case...the entire entire writing is suspect. The Bible is God's HOLY WORD and final authority because it DOES pass the test of God's gift..Science