Thursday, September 22, 2011

Illusion vs Religion

Most of what we are witnessing today is pure illusion propagated by intelligent beings who have chosen the free will to be "gods" instead of within the ONE "Universal God" and these beings have seduced the "elite leaders" of our planet......ala' the main theme of the old TV series "X-Files" and the powerful illusions of the Telosians of Telos IV in the first episode of the original Star Trek..."The Menagerie." I am convinced that much of the paranormal phenomena, ufo's, re-incarnation, astral travel, reality control etc. are ALL illusions created by these beings whose agenda is to keep mankind enslaved and ignorant of Truth and true reality. I AM CONVINCED that the "Starman" Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus Christ, revealed this Truth 2000 years ago when He revealed who God is. He said.."You shall know the TRUTH and the Truth will set you free."...... FREE from ALL illusion including the most insidious of all illusions..RELIGIONS, especially Christianity and now the new illusion of New Age Philosophy, all created by man to CONTROL man. Ironically...George Lucas' Star Wars Saga is closer to the Truths revealed in the Bible than ANY religious doctrine. BTW...the 'Starman' Jesus said He would return to Earth and restore the planet to the Kingdom of God (Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations.....those who chose to remain "IN GOD".....(George Lucas' FORCE)......... and it may be sooner than later! John 14:6 is not just a suggestion! I report, you decide....ain't "free will" amazing?


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