Thursday, November 10, 2011

December 21, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

Doomsday? Illusion? Science?

It is NOT doomsday and it is NOT illusion. It IS science and it reveals how advanced the Mayan culture was in calculating normal astronomical processes in our Galaxy. (listen to the two sites below) The entire calendar is based on astronomical observations and is tied to Mayan cultural beliefs and the MOST important belief of the Mayans is the same as the Judeo-Christian Biblical Prophet Isaiah (verified in the Dead sea Scrolls) ......"It is a world WITHOUT end." The Mayans believed the calendar does not mark the "end of time" but instead marked the end of a "time" cycle and a restart of new one...... "a rebirth of time." This is a similar concept revealed in Biblical Prophecy......"The end of a World Order and the RESTORATION of the planet to a "time" that existed BEFORE the "fall in the Garden of Eden"......"a rebirth of time"........The Earth abides forever....Ecclesiastes 1:4.

The confusion that causes people to believe the world will end is in the definition of the world. The world referred to in most Biblical passages and in many ancient culture's writings like the Mayans is the one created by societies of humans...not the 3rd planet that orbits the Sun. Civilizations rise and fall and for those who believe the Bible is God's is these fallen human societies that will END at the RESTORATION of the planet to the way it was BEFORE.......that is....the "Utopia" that is impossible for "fallen men" to ever achieve. The Biblical theme seems identical to the Mayan theme of "rebirth"......a "new" beginning.

EVERYTHING that happens on our planet, solar system and galaxy is CYCLIC and the Bible along with many ancient cultures reveal these cycles. It seems that the folks with all the "doomsday" talk about 12/21/11 are the "new" carpetbaggers and they along with Hollywood are sure raking in the CA$H! The P.T. Barnum principle still works today as it did in the late 1800"s..."There's a sucker born every minute" and today's doomsday carpetbaggers are taking advantage of people's ignorance of the Bible and the Mayan Calendar for neither claim a "doomsday." PART 1 PART 2

A "little bit of science truth" can be more dishonest than pure lies. Global warming is an example. Global warming is is happening now, it has happened in the past and will happen again in the future. It is a NATURAL cyclic process related to solar activity. The political forces that desire a Liberal/Socialist World Order use this "bit of science truth" to their advantage by suggesting that man's activity is the cause of or even speeds up this natural process and use this illusion to affect the desired change by controlling the distribution of energy in affluent societies to force social change. (CO2 is a BUFFERED gas)

A "little bit of science truth" about natural solar processes (magnetic storm cycles) is also being used along with the hysteria generated by the "doomsday" illusion generated by ignorance of the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar and the perceived "doomsday" Prophecies of the Bible again based on ignorance (the source of all illusion) has resulted in opportunistic people taking advantage of the hysteria generated by this ignorance for their own financial gain. They are today's "carpetbaggers." is a classic example of people taking advantage of "solar science" ignorance and misinterpretation of the 12/21/12 date of the Mayan Calendar and Biblical Prophecy.

I find it rather curious that the "timing" of alleged increased solar activity coincides with the Mayan Calendar hysteria. Co-incidence or prophecy? I think NOT!

Taking advantage of "Ignorance" especially in science, is the most lucrative business on this planet, always has been and always will be....... The "key" is to have a "little bit of scientific truth" with your; instead of the whole scientific;

When incorrect Biblical interpretation and incorrect interpretation of other ancient writings like the Mayan Calendar are added to the pseudo-science....illusion is the result allowing the "carpetbaggers" to take advantage of all this ignorance for their own financial;


THIS is why people don't believe in the Bible which is sad because "true" science verifies the "truths" recorded in the Bible which makes the ancient anthology known as the Bible the inerrant Word of God and FINAL authority!


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