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"The Finger of God"
'A Journey in Scientific Spirituality'

I have been sharing my perception of reality and Truth for about 5 years now on this blog. I have called my ideas Scientific Spirituality and it is based on my belief that the Scientific Method is the ONLY source of absolute Truth available to man and when these Scientific Truths are applied to Biblical interpretation, the TRUTH recorded in the Bible is revealed. It is my belief that the much of the "alleged" Truths "revealed" in the Bible by Judaism and Christianity are "illusion" that prevents mankind from realizing his rightful place in the Cosmos. I believe I am correct because the Religions of the world have divided mankind into opposing cultures that have been the basis of most wars. Even within single cultures Religion has divided brother against brother. ie; Catholicism vs Protestantism, (and even within Protestantism we have over 500 denominations each one claiming Truth) and Wahabi muslims vs Sunni muslims vs Shite muslims each killing more muslims (and "honor" killings of family members) than any other group let alone killing "infidels" in the name of their god allah as "suicide bombers" expecting the reward of "72 virgins" in the next life. More disturbing is their using innocent children as these vessels of death!. Add to this the fact that the "leaders" of World Religions have used their doctrines to "enslave" their followers to force them to do their will (opiate of the people......Karl Marx) and even keep them in their "place" as the "caste" system of Hinduism has done to the Indian culture or the disturbing practice of Hari Kari in the Religion of Shintuism. I may be wrong but as far as I'm concerned, ALL Religions seem to violate the Law of Free Will.

In addition to World Religious tension, we have the social turmoil the world is experiencing from terrorism and ecomomic collapse and the overthrow of governments and fear of nuclear holocaust along with natural disasters of Earthquakes, volcanos, floods, Tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and the spread of infectious diseases and world starvation. These disturbing World conditions now have another "fear" added to the mix....."Doomsday Preachers." One "doomsday group" is a Christian cult affiliated with Family Radio group who claim the World ENDS on May 21, 2011 (this year!) They base their prediction on Biblical interpretation. Definately not Scientific interpretation! In addition we have ancient Religions predicting the end is December 21, 2012 as in the Mayan calendar and more recently one guy is saying climatic distruction caused by imminent solar activity culminating in 2012 claiming the government is covering this up but that NASA has recently leaked this Truth. (he's selling a survival package) Everything that is happening between the Earth and the Sun is cyclic and it has happened before and man has no effect on it. Al Gore is a "carpetbagger" because CO2 is a buffered gas and has zero affect on these natural cycles. Global warming is a cyclic phenomena and man has no affect on it. These cyclic events are verified in Science and are revealed in the Bible as well for they are part of the Will of God.

It is because of the "fear" and "illusions" generated by the Religions of the World and the present unsettling World conditions that I am persuaded to put my concept of Scientific Spirituality into a book that may, in some small way, offer some "hope" to those who read my book. I am not finished yet and have a ways to go and I suspect it will be awhile before it is completed. If the May 21st doomsday guy is right, I guess I won't get it completed! However, I am confident that I am correct and I will finish my book!

I include the Preface and Introduction here.............................


WARNING…… I must state right up front that the premise of my book is contrary to ALL World Religions INCLUDING Christianity as it is practiced and understood and that I am CONVINCED that the anthology of Religious writings known as the Holy Bible supports my premise and that I am CONVINCED that this Holy Bible is the ONLY inerrant Word of Creation (God) and FINAL authority on the destiny of planet Earth and all its’ inhabitants and that the historical person Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus the Nazarene, the Christ of the Eternal God IS who the Bible says He is whether you want to accept it or not and the Scripture John 14:6 is ABSOLUTE TRUTH and I hope my book will make this TRUTH clear.

“6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

With all the Religions and Philosophies in the world and all the disunity within those Religions creating hatred between people resulting in wars etc and creating more illusions and barriers to discovering Reality and Truth, I am compelled to say SOMETHING about all the insanity! I actually prayed to the Eternal Creator asking for help in understanding Truth from illusion. I have sincerely asked Him to either help me in writing my book or STOP me from doing so if it is against His Will. If what I say in my book is contrary to His Perfect Will, trust me…..GOD WILL STOP ME!

I have been blessed to have a Science background and to have the honor of teaching Biology for over 33 years to young people and God's answer was to trust that Science background I have in finding Truth. Without saying it, THAT has been my "Journey in Scientific Spirituality."


I also must qualify my beliefs in that I do not presume to be the first or even the last person to embrace what I call Scientific Spirituality. However, I strongly suspect I am the ONLY one (or one of the very few) who believes the Holy Bible verifies my beliefs and that the person Jesus of Nazareth or Yeshua Ben Joseph in His Hebrew name is the “key” to the restoration of planet Earth to the Kingdom of God, and being a “Trekki” I affectionately call the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations and as I have already said, that this Jesus is also the “key” to the “salvation” of it’s inhabitants.

An observation…..I find it ironic that there is only ONE religion on the planet that is CONVINCED they are right and they intend to force this view on ALL other humans. What is stranger is that the world does not see any problem with this. That religion is Islam. We try to justify our position of “political correctness” by separating “fanatic” Islam from an innocent peaceful Islam. I can understand that this is the most honorable approach but after reading the Koran, (albeit an English translation because that is the only language I know) I am forced to conclude that the moderate peaceful Muslims are NOT very faithful to their god because the “fanatics” of Islam sure are. As I said….I am not a Christian in the traditional sense but I am convinced I’m right about “reality” and Islam is not and I strongly suspect that Islam , like ALL religions including many Christians, have been seduced by the “dark side” of the “Light of Creation.”

Hey….I figure somebody must be right so I throw my “hat in the ring!” God gave me the right to express what I believe is True because the Law of Free Will applies to all humans!

Probably the most profound statement made by mortal man was attributed to Voltaire (or one of his confidants)…. ” I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your RIGHT to say it.”

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! We all have a right to say something!


SIMPLE BIOGRAPHY……Age: 66 (born in Connecticut, 2 older brothers) , Married 43 years (to same women, weird eh?) Two daughters, 2 grand daughters, one great grand daughter, retired Biology teacher (33 years service), retired (disability) TSO/TSA/DHS (3 years service), 4th Degree Knights of Columbus (25 years), Amateur Radio operator since 1959 (W2TSA), Active musician. ( cantor of psalms in Church, trumpet in brass band and big band, French horn in New Horizons concert band and brass quintet, bugle for Veterans Association ….Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Military Funerals…. Member of Bugles Across America)

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT……the Spiritual journey of one man beginning about fifteen years ago and seriously developed as a “ thought process” with my first “blog” in April of 2006 ( and FINALLY started as a book project on February 27, 2011.

I REMEMBER THINKING…… back in 1969 when I started teaching high school Science… (all of them at the same time, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science), I wonder if I'll ever see the "turn of the Century." Let's see, I'd be 55...WOW! My dad passed away at 53 I wondered. I am at 66, a real old "fart."

Being an "old fart" makes one start to think about the meaning of existence like Burt Bacharach's tune asks...."What's It All About Alphie?" from the motion picture "Alphie" starring Michael Caine. (1966) I wonder how many folks actually do think about this. (not Alphie..... existence!) Seems about the only time when they do is when things are not going too well. I guess people are too busy living? Maybe it's because people never think about existing, they just exist.

Anyway.....I was seriously thinking about the purpose of living and what life was all about. Throughout history men and women have wrestled with this concept of “what’s all about?” Well…Theologians, Philosophers, Medicine Men, Gurus, Dali Lamas, New Agers and Avatars from every culture and race and even Scientists have grappled with this age old issue of Existence and have come up with some really interesting systems of belief and explanations of “what’s goin’ on.”

This book I share is not so much about what I think is "the way it is" but is more of a "personal journey" that for me was an epiphany of "the way it is" which to me seems to be an experience similar to the one St. Thomas Didymus, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, had when he placed his fingers in the "wounds" of the Resurrected Christ. I call my "journey" Scientific Spirituality and with all humility I refer to myself as a "Doubting Thomas" because as St. Thomas believed because he “saw”….….I believe because Science revealed this same Truth to me.

It is my wish that the journey I share with those who read my book may help them in some small way their own Spiritual journey. I feel I must warn my readers however…I think I may be correct about my beliefs being Truth and Reality.

Since this book is an “original work” by “me” and is NOT based on what “others” have written, other than the inspiration from my e-mail friends, teachers, authors, movies and TV series I listed in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, the ONLY references I share is God’s Holy Word as revealed in the Holy Bible. If there is any claim I make that you may believe is false…..Google or Bing it! (avoid Wikepedia and


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