Sunday, November 02, 2014

Theism vs Atheism

I believe the the arguments for and against  belief  in God depends on the definition of God.  If you accept that the God of human religions (including traditional Christianity) is real, it is quite easy to assume there is no God.  I myself am an "atheist" to such a God because the God revealed to the Hebrews in the Torah and the God Incarnate in the person of Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus the Christ) in the New Testament is SPIRIT,  NOT a "supernatural" anthropomorphic "super being" that is external to Creation.  The illusion of the "supernatural" is a human convention used to resolve that which he does not understand.  The illusionist "The Amazing Kreskin"  is quoted as saying "the supernatural is the undiscovered natural" and the scientific discovery of "Quantum Entanglement" sure seems to support his statement! 

The problem for both theists and atheists is a "need" for a "beginning" to existence and an incorrect definition of God.    Christians, I believe have a incorrect interpretation of Genesis. Based on genealogy of human generations in the Torah/ Bible, they claim the planet and the entire Cosmos is 6000 years old.  A more accurate interpretation of Genesis based on a correct translation of the Hebrew is that there are billions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Rejection of  true science by Christian Theologians forces them to alter scientific truth to "fit" their error in translation of the Hebrew and their literal interpretation.  Sadly, this error created a "slippery slope" that has lead to mistrust and even fear of science with "pseudoscience" replacing true science as the source of "truth." (ie; acceptance of man made global warming based on emotion instead of scientific facts. I submit one quick statement to suggest global warming caused by man is an illusion........CO2 is a BUFFERED gas!)

Unfortunately, Scientists, especially atheistic ones, also fall for the illusion of a "beginning" to existence. The Big Bang Theory was the scientific evidence needed to support this. (Ironically, traditional Christianity that believes in a "beginning" rejects the Big Bang, an oxymoron if there ever was one.) The Bible reveals that God always existed before Genesis 1 and infact,  many "other" beings as well.  Biblical evidence of this fact is the revelation of a battle in Heaven (space?) between Angelic factions before Earth was formed. In addition to this, Christianity, in order to resolve the Hebrew Elohim "plural"  problem in Genesis 1:26 created the un-Biblical doctrine of the "Trinity".....God the "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" which ironically would be more Biblical evidence of "existence" before Genesis Creation.  Confusing to say the wonder Muslims say Christianity is not a monotheistic religion.

It is logical to assume that Genesis was not a record of the Creation of existence but merely an account of the creation of "our" existence.   When Genesis was written, what was observed was the entire Cosmos and there was essentially NO science as we understand it today. In fact today,  science is questioning a "single" Big Bang and with mathematical extrapolation it has expanded creation beyond the observable Cosmos to the possibility of a "Multiverse." (Bubble Theory)  It seems that science and Genesis are not only compatible....they support each other.  The truth is that existence and reality never had a beginning and it will never have an end.

How God is defined is critical in discussing existence.  Saying there is no God requires a beginning to existence that was created from NOTHING. Since there is no beginning to existence, there was never a time of NOTHING. Stephen Hawking in his recent book declares that the Laws of Physics do not require initiation of a force to trigger existence.  Sorry....that requires more blind faith than believing in an anthropomorphic supernatural God!  There was never a "start" to the Laws of Physics because they always existed!  (FYI.... the "singularity" at the center of a black hole has been mathematically discovered to be identical to the "singularity" that inflated into "space/time" in the Big Bang suggesting a black hole is the reverse side of another "Big Bang."  Our Cosmos might look like a black hole from one of these Bubble Universes. Many Cosmologists say that the Laws in these other infinite numbers of Cosmoses may be very different than those working in ours. Since I am a biologist and embrace a Universal Cell Theory, I also suspect the Laws of Physics that govern our Cosmos are identical in all the others. In fact, I would extend the Cell Theory to all other worlds.

The reason I believe there is no beginning to existence and that God is the SPIRIT of existence and dwells within and works THROUGH Creation and His PERFECT Laws is not just revealed in *Biblical interpretation and Laws of Physics but was actually PROVED over 140 years ago by French Chemist Louis Pasteur.  Obviously no one paid attention!  Pasteur's simple "S" shaped flask experiment is celebrated by science as disproving "spontaneous generation" and establishing the Law of Biogenesis......"All Life MUST come from pre-existing Life." What is ironic is science then asserts that spontaneous generation was a **gradual process that created the first cell and through the process of Darwinian Natural Selection created all the diversity of life that we observe.  Obviously Darwinian Natural Selection is a mechanism of the creation of new species but unfortunately, because of the rejection of the true God revealed by the Bible, Christ and Pasteur, science is not aware of the creation of advanced sentient life (like Adam and Eve) by recombinant DNA hybridization by God THROUGH His creation revealed in Genesis 1:26-27..... "26 Then God said, “Let US make mankind in OUR image, in OUR likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."  (The female Eve was obviously created by modified cloning of Adam using induced pluri-potent adult stem cells from Adam's  "rib marrow."  The "Y" chromosome from one cell was deleted and replaced with an "X" chromosome from another and the resulting "XX" karyotyped cell was induced to begin cleavage and placed into surrogate uterus where gestation was completed and 9 months later "baby Eve" was born.  After Eve grew to a mature women she was presented to Adam and he exclaimed..."at last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I shall call her women because she comes from man. " (Genesis 2:18-23) Modified cloning sure "fits" the Scripture!

 Genesis 1:26-27 Scripture explains why people claim to have witnessed seeing extraterrestrial beings that look exactly like we  do, in fact....the Bible tells us to be kind, respectful and courteous to everyone we meet "because we never know when we may be entertaining an Angel."   BUT Angels are "supernatural" simply don't understand their nature yet and by definition they are extraterrestrial because they are NOT from Earth.

* references: Psalm 82:2-3, Colossians 1:27, Galatians 3:26-28 and John 14:8-23  God is the SPIRIT of life that dwells with us.  People look for God in the wrong places because they don't know Him. At least atheists are not looking in the wrong places......they are not looking anywhere! Sadly however, they are closer to the real God than they care to know...HE IS INSIDE OF YOU AND MAKES YOUR BEING. He is not out there in space someplace.

** not possible because it requires the violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics.  ie; protein enzyme catalysis of biochemical substrates are necessary for formation of stable products and codes for the sequence of amino acids in an enzyme are transcribed from nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) which require enzymes to exist in the first place. Biogenesis unequivically proves there is no "beginning" to existence.

Theists may say that God's ways are so far above man's understanding that we can never understand reality which is revealed in the Bible. I am very sure the Bible was referring to Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Morality...NOT science!

I have no doubt that my ideas will be considered fantasy by both theists and atheists. Maybe agnostics might consider my ideas possible?

Peace....David Brown- W2TSA