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Pope Frances

 Recently Pope Francis has caused a lot of controversy when he said that Christ expects us to not judge and condemn people based on sexual preference and that  we should show compassion and respect for all humans, period.   I agree with him 100%, but then again,  how can Francis or ANY of us disagree with Jesus who commands us NOT to judge.........Matthew 7:1-2  “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

WELL........Frances' controversy doesn't end there......more recently he stated that Darwinian Natural Selection, the "Big Bang" and the existence of Extraterrestrials is NOT incompatible with the Bible.  Frankly, I expect Creationists and Fundamental Christianity to reject ANYTHING Pope Frances or any Pope says on any topic, theological or otherwise,  because it is obvious the Protestant Reformation is sadly "alive and well" in the 21st Century, maybe even worse today than back in Martin Luther's day.  ALL men love to JUDGE others! The Islam religion suffers the same divisions although they tend to deal with it VIOLENTLY and drag everyone else into the battle.

(When I reflect on the Protestant Reformation I feel as though it was a typical "throw the baby out in the bath water" situation. I read Martin Luther's books and I could not come to any other conclusion. I suspect the over 500 denominations of Christianity is not what Christ had in mind when He prayed...."Be One in Spirit.")

The article that covers the Pope's statements are at .... ...  The topic was particularly popular with hundreds of diverse comments from people all over the world from all religions including atheism, a "religion" in spite of what they think of themselves!

I commented on two of the many comments........

  Carrie Singer's comment......"If you put evolution and creation together, you get Ancient Aliens theory.

My comment.......

EXACTLY......and the EVIDENCE is found IN THE BIBLE.

What I find ironic is Creationists who believe that the Bible is Truth reject the reality of extraterrestrial obvious contradiction because the Bible reveals there are "Angels", amongst other "Heavenly Beings." "Angels" are NOT from Earth...THEREFORE.... they are "Extraterrestrial." Since ET's are REAL (contrary to popular belief) it is obvious that the Bible is ABSOLUTELY God's Word of Truth. It is obvious that Creationists have a difficult time dealing with the fact that God's Kingdom is composed of "other" beings in "other" parts of God's Cosmos and that they are composed of substance different than our present "fallen" biological state. When I share these ideas directly with Creationists they usually respond to me with the following...yah,,,,"BUT they are Angels, not physical beings." How do we know what they are....saying they are "supernatural" beings is a "cop out" ..because we ASSUME God's Laws are broken by them, how do we know that? God's Laws are PERFECT, we are far from understanding all of God's Laws, the "supernatural" is a human convention to cover things we do not understand. The Science we know today sure was "the supernatural" less than 50 years ago!  (consider "Quantum Entanglement." is NOT fantasy but sure looks like it and I doubt computer companies would invest billions of dollars on mere fantasy!)  Quantum Entanglement, what Einstein called "an all too spooky" phenomena, is a strange entanglement of subatomic particle pairs such that if the quantum spin is changed in one member of the pair. its' other member changes exactly the same amount and exactly at the SAME time, (instantaneously).... NO MATTER HOW FAR APART THEY, even light years!...... a side note:.....many Christians today wonder if we are near the time of the return of Jesus Christ to restore Earth to God's Cosmic Kingdom.  Biblical Prophecy appears to point to all the "signs" that it may be possible.  Maybe Science is one of those "signs" as well making it seem that the words French Chemist Pierce Berthelot  spoke in 1969 at a Science symposium in Paris are true ..........."I believe there will come a time when man will know all there is to know about the atom and the Great Architect will  come down and say..'Gentlemen, it is CLOSING time!'"  Planck limit anyone? 

All we know about Angels is they are not in a "fallen" state as mankind is.  Some have told me they do NOT have "Free Will".....then how do you .explain Lucifer and the 1/3rd "fallen" Angels?

 Science says Genesis is incompatible with Cosmology and Evolution. Creationists say Science is incompatible with Genesis and so strongly that they have replaced true Science with pseudoscience which sadly has become an instrument of control by the "elite powers" that influence world economies. (ie; global warming hoax)  I also find it ironic that Creationists accept micro-evolution yet reject macro-evolution. (Actually,  they have no choice because antibiotic resistance in pathogens cannot be denied and is a serious medical issue.)  Science has revealed that the processes occurring in the microscopic world are reflected in the macroscopic. ie; the biochemical processes that occur in a multicellular organism are the same processes that occur in a single cell.

The problem is NOT that Genesis is is the interpretation of the Hebrew in Genesis that is misunderstood because there was no "Science" when Genesis was written, therefore the explanation of Creation was based on what was observable as the ENTIRE Cosmos.  God's gift of Science given to man, because we are Created in His Image, has revealed so much more of God's Creation and His PERFECT laws. Sadly, Creationists have insisted on a literal interpretation that requires a "supernatural" explanation of Creation. The "supernatural" is an illusion created by man's limited understanding of God's Laws. (The "supernatural" is the un-discovered natural....Kreskin)  God is PERFECT therefore His Laws are PERFECT....therefore the idea of God violating His Laws is non-sequitur.

There are two other problems that needs to be addressed when discussing God and Creation.......  

The first is Time and Space.......

Science assumes a "beginning" to Existence. The discovery of the "Big Bang" seems to answer that question. Creationists require a "beginning": as well and Genesis answers theirs. It is ironic Creationists reject the "Big Bang" when in reality it supports their literal interpretation of Genesis! The Bible is clear that God Existed before the Creation in Genesis 1, therefore Existence always was and always will be. Therefore there is NO "beginning" to Existence.  Thankfully, many Cosmologists today no longer assume  a "single" Big Bang that caused "Existence" but now suspect an INFINITE number of Big Bangs in a Multiverse of Creations.  This idea is much more compatible with God's Word because Genesis reveals the Eternal God Existed BEFORE Genesis AND before "our" Big Bang.

BTW.....mathematics reveals that the "beginning" of the Big Bang was a  "singularity"......ALL the matter and energy in our Cosmos condensed into a point smaller than 1 X 10-33cm..the Planck limit. (before you laugh at mathematics, remember, Einstein's Theories were discovered mathematically BEFORE they were verified by the Scientific Method.)  Science will NEVER be able to probe this "space" to verify these theories because it would require a Large Hadron Collider 100,000 LIGHT YEARS in diameter.....the one we have in Geneva,Switzerland is only 17 miles in circumference! The significance of this is that "Mathematics is the NEW and FINAL Science."  The mathematical evidence that supports the eternal  "Multiverse" is that Cosmologists now suspect that the center of a "black hole" is also a "singularity."   Mathematically, the Big Bang "singularity" and the "black hole singularity" are IDENTICAL.  If this math is true (and that equal sign between the equations 2 expressions means truth) ......when we observe a "black hole" we are looking at the "backside" of another Big Bang's Cosmos and vice versa.  (see next comment to "bubbathegreat" below.........)

Pope Francis is right in saying that the "singularity" that "inflated" into our Cosmos was initiated by God. Ironically, French Chemist Louis Pasteur revealed 142 years ago that this idea of God is much more reasonable than  Stephen Hawking's claims there is no initiation needed (therefore no God) to "inflate" a singularity into a Cosmos.  He assumes the Laws are such that "they" activate "themselves."  (I suspect Hawking's problem is the same as everyone else's.....a "need" for a beginning to Existence and an anthropomorphic God.) Pasteur's "S" shaped flask experiments proved the Law of Biogenesis....."All Life MUST come from pre-existing Life."  This Law implies no beginning and no end because it requires the existence of Life. Ironically, Science celebrates Pasteur's proof that "spontaneous generation" is impossible then Science illogically claims that it happened at least once.   "What a paradox!"  What is this "force" that drives life?......  GOD!  Pasteur PROVED the Existence of God but no one noticed!

The Second is the Nature of God.......

If Genesis is interpreted to mean the Creation of Existence, the Cosmos we exist in would be SEPARATE from God...ANOTHER non-sequitur.  The Hebrews were the first humans God revealed Himself to and the Hebrews understood this God to be SPIRIT....not an "anthropomorphic super being."  2000 years ago, as prophesied by the Hebrew Prophets, this "God" Incarnated in the "flesh" as Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus the Christ of God. Christianity teaches that He came to reconcile and restore mankind to the Kingdom of God by His Sacrifice on the Roman Cross.  YES......thankfully He did this but He did so much more than MOST of Christianity realizes. Jesus revealed that the TRUE God dwells within us and works through us and His PERFECT Laws.   God requires that we have the Faith of a Child.  What kind of faith does a child have?  INFORMED FAITH that manifests itself in TRUST.  God does not require or demand "blind faith" that too  often leads to religious fanaticism that affects all religions. Christianity went through it in the middle ages and now Islam is at it.  uuuugh!  When my Granddaughter says Grandpa, catch me as she jumps off the stairs into my arms BEFORE I really get a good chance to brace myself, she TRUSTS me because she knows I will not drop her.  That's true faith..NOT blind.    St. Thomas did not believe that Jesus was Resurrected until he placed his fingers into the wounds of Crucifixion. When he did ....he believed.  Jesus said...."Thomas you believe because you have seen, BLESSED are they that believe yet have not seen."   Is he asking for "blind faith?" I think not....informed faith through God's Inerrant Word is a GIFT..

The evidence of the true God revealed in Christ that God dwells within  is found in the following.....Psalm 82:3-6, Colossians 1:27, Galatians 3:26-28 and John 14:8-23. 

Yes, God's ways are far above man's but I have no doubt that God was talking about LOVE, COMPASSION,  FORGIVENESS, and  HOLINESS....NOT SCIENCE that reveals God's PERFECT Laws.

A liberal's comment..............."a big bang cannot create anything of value."

..It wasn't a "bang" or "explosion" was an INFLATION of "time and space" from a "singularity"  (condensation of ALL matter and energy) ... smaller than 1 X 10-33cm. (Planck limit)  In addition, recent Comological Theory suggests  that these "singularities" are infinite in number creating a "Multiverse" of Realities. These new theories were revealed through mathematical extrapolation. The Scientific Method can not be applied to test these theories because in order to "probe" the Planck limit a Large Hadron Collider would have to be greater than 100,000 LIGHT YEARS  in diameter. (our LHC in Geneva is only 17 miles in circumference.) The "Final Frontier" in Science is MATHEMATICS. Before you dismiss this as fantasy, remember Einstein discovered General Relativity mathematically BEFORE it was verified Scientifically. (If you dismiss Einstein's discoveries as fantasy, there is no further need to discuss reality with you.)  I submit that "our" Big Bang, one of an infiite number because of an Infinite God, of GREAT value.....the beauty of Existence.....a "MIRACLE!"


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