Thursday, November 06, 2014


There is a simple explanation of why consumerism has dominance over spiritual issues for most is because .people, including Christians and Jews,  do not REALLY know the God revealed in the flesh by Jesus Christ. As soon as one does.....material things become secondary to that person's hearts desire.  This is more difficult for Jews because their faith is limited to faith in the Torah where Christians have no excuse because  Jesus Christ reveals the true God.  Obviously consumerism blinds many Christians from knowing God,

I suspect that the cause of not truly understanding and therefor not knowing  the true God, leavng a person to fall for the illusion that materialism is the true source of happiness,  is that both modern Judaism and Christianity (and all other religions and New Age as well)    has presented a God that is very different than the God revealed in the Torah and Incarnated in the person of Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus THE Christ).......the God revealed to the Jews and Incarnated in Jesus Christ is Spirit, NOT a "supernatural" anthropomorphic God who is external to Creation. (As illusionist Kreskin said..."The supernatural is the undiscovered natural.")  The Laws of God are PERFECT because God is PERFECT therefore requiring God to violate His PERFECT Laws is nonsequitor.

Ironically, 142 years ago the French Chemist Louis Pasteur scientifically proved that God is not external to Creation in his "s" shaped flask experiment that revealed God's PERFECT Law of Biogenesis...."All life MUST come from pre-existing life."  You can place all the organelles and biochemicals and DNA/RNA into a viable plasma membrane "bubble"  and no matter what you do....IT WILL NOT BE ALIVE OR LIVE....period!...What's missing?  GOD!   When a cell goes through mitosis (division)  it distributes everything evenly and obviously that includes God's Spirit or cells would not be able to "live" and we wouldn't be here to discuss God! can a person know God IF they truly desire to WANT to know Him?..............

Simple....If people would pray and THEN read Psalm 82:3-6, Colossians 1:27, Galatians 3:26-28 and John 14:8-23 WITHOUT preconceived or pretaught ideas they would realize that they are rejecting themselves when they are not in communications with God BECAUSE God is within your heart.......when you reject God you reject yourself.....therefore....try to get into the habit of praising and praying to God 24/ me....constantly tell God you love Him and your life WILL change!!!!  I know it is hard to do especially with the evil in this world but remember...we are MORE than victors in Christ Jesus!


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