Thursday, November 10, 2016


It is very sad that we see so much post-election protesting, sadly in many places with violence, being propagated by the clinton supporters. (probably supported by George Soros) Some how I suspect if hilary had won it would be a lot different....sadness yes....but I doubt they would attempt to destroy our Constitution and overturn the voice of the people with petitions and violence. Protesting the opinions of others is an American right but is protesting the votes of other fellow Americans really an acceptable right?  The election is is .time to heal NOT continue the protesting of the campaign!

Until the California vote came in (which went for hillary as expected, and after Donald already had the election basically won by electoral vote, Donald was leading the popular vote by hundreds of thousands......AFTER the California vote came in hilary was ahead in the popular vote by 200,000 votes. I for one would NOT appreciate the election of a president based on such a close margin AND the the vote of ONE LIBERAL STATE or possibly even votes by a state with a large population of ILLEGALS . I guess if I was a liberal I would selfishly say "go California", however, I hope I would instead realize that the "people of America" are infinitely more important than my selfish desires.

 (NOTE....just in at 6pm Nov.9.....the popular vote margin is decreasing and the trend is that Donald may actually end up winning the popular vote as well.)

ALSO...for those who hate the Electoral College...I suggest you look up the 1787 Constitutional Convention. I feared that hilary would beat Donald in the Electoral vote and be the 45th President of the United States and Donald would win the popular vote and lose the election like Governor Samuel Tilden whose monument I use to fly kites off of when I was a kid. I feared a clinton presidency so much that I would have screamed "get rid of the Electoral College" like so many are doing as I write this email.

If anything is learned by this's the fact that our framers of our country were geniuses in creating the "checks and balances" of the Electoral College. Protection of our Constitutional Government "trumps" (pun intended!) the popularity of any single person running for any political office and the Electoral College PROTECTS our Constitution by protecting the election of the President.


"Some elements of the Electoral College, such as the indirect vote through intermediaries, were hotly debated at the 1787 Constitutional Convention. It was eventually justified in part as a stopgap to potentially 'reverse the vote if the people elected a criminal, traitor, or similar kind of heinous person.' The Founders wanted to empower democratic elements in the American system, but they feared a kind of pure, unrestrained democracy that had brought down great republics of the past."

The violence we see taking place as we write is VERY disturbing. The right to protest is a Constitutional right BUT NOT with violence. It is sad that the present administration is silent on this and the news media is playing it up instead of condemning it. (especially that racist Juan Williams of Fox News) 150 years ago a French political analyst Alexis DeToqueville said that a true Democracy requires a politically educated citizenry. What we have had up to today is more like "junior high student council voters." Maybe enough Americans have awakened as evidenced by the election of a non-political outsider. It would NOT have happened without the protection of our forefather's Electoral College and California could have ALONE elected a President tainted by criminal investigation. If you don't believe this is an issue, there would be no need of the present administration to consider "pardoning" the losing candidate for President. I am still perplexed that the democrat party even considered nominating a candidate with so much baggage. The republican political party DID NOT NOMINATE THE WINNING CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT.....THE PEOPLE DID! Infact.....their leadership opposed their own candidate and went with the opposition candidate......something that violates the Regan postulate. DeToqueville sure knew what he was talking about!