Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"Don't throw the Baby out in the Bathwater!" post…….

Holy Cow…WOW again!
Yes.....God is ONE. He is ALL. He is EVERYTHING...He always existed and always will. Get this. In String and time cannot exist without the other. They are complimentary and past, present, and future are ONE called the NOW. This means that space-time is also specific String Frequencies. This is how Quantum Entanglement works and why PRAYER works! An analogy of the fabric of Space-time (which is the "essence" of Creator) would be like a steel rod. The rod is made of atoms of iron all connected together in metallic bonds. If you displace the atoms on one end of the rod, the time for the atoms at the other end to be affected by this movement is NOW. Immediate. Instantaneous! This is the "Fabric of The Cosmos"...all 11 dimensions interconnected by Strings, the Strings being analogous to the individual atoms in the rod! (God's Word. His Thoughts connect the entire Universe into ONE because Existence is His Dream and God is the ONLY thing that actually exists. He is STRINGS bounded by two basic laws…”the Law of Free Will and Love.” God wills us into Existence and God in the form of Jesus said we can do the same thing. If we have the Faith of a "mustard seed" we can remove the mountain to the sea! That's psychic power He's talkin' about...we can do even more than Jesus! Scares the hell out of me! hee hee hee That's proof of how much God loves us and to think He willingly accepted to die in our place on a Cross for our EGO (sin) so we can experience the "miracle of life" is pure PASSION. WOW. Magnificent! Notice how Jesus appeared to the Disciples after His Resurrection NOT as a ghost or pure Spirit but He actually showed them His wounds telling them a ghost wound not have wounds and he ate a fish and drank wine in front of them. Man. they were terrified....He "walked" through the freakin' wall!!! Piece of cake if you can cantrol String frequencies! too can make great wine out of water! AND you can make water into gasoline so you can tell Exxon and the others AND the Arabs to fill their swimming pools with oil and swim in it! AND pound desert sand while they're at it! $3 a gallon for gas? How about $0...or if your on a water meter...pennies! Buster....all this is possible in Christ.....He knows it would scare the crap out of us if we actually did these things. Boy, is He ever patient with us! Ever try moving a paper clip with your mind? I have.... begged God to not let it happen!!! hee hee hee...You familiar with the Celestine Prophecy? It’s a novel based on a legends from Peru about a 3,000-year-old manuscript that talks about this stuff! ...we are Sons and Daughters of the Great God Creator YHWH....He is our loving Father and we are invincible in His Name! Warning...if you start using God's Beautiful Holy Name.... very careful...weird "good" stuff starts to happen. The reason is simple. God loves us so much and we show Him our love when we call Him by His Majestic Name YHWH! Remember....we don't clean ourselves up to come to Him...HE CLEANS US UP and comes into us. He will NEVER violate His Law of Free Will because the essence of pure Love is binded in that Law. We are saved to do good not do good to get saved!
Got a headache. see ya later, God Bless...Doubting Thomas (David)

PS .Didn't know that the Bible Code was called now! I have the book...but haven’t read it yet. I have a basic idea what it is. Weird eh? Did you know that the DaVinci code is in the Bible code as a HOAX! cool eh? The basis for the DaVinci code is this secret Priory of Scion. Problem for the believers in this crap is the Priory is a hoax written in 1956 by some French guy that had just gotten out of prison! He admitted he wrote it! The Vatican announced today that Catholics should boycott the movie. By the way. I am Catholic and I remain in it because I like the morality of it, Transubstantiation of bread and wine and the Church is not anti-science like Fundamentals and they "unofficially" recognize we have Star Nation Family! (see Msgr Corrado Balducci and Br. Guy Consolmagno...Google them) Yes...we do have SV family.....haven’t had a Close Encounter of the 3rd kind yet but have met them in dream state. They are VERY compassionate and Spiritual. No,..I am NOT nuts. The Bible teaches this so why do we think it’s nuts? The movie that NEEDS to be made is about Col. Philip Corso’s “The Day After Roswell!”
Dan Brown (author of DaVinci code) is not necessarily anti-Christian...he just knows that anti-Christian stuff makes BIG BUCKS! $$$
Pax….Doubting Thomas


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