Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Law of Biogenesis and its' survival mechanism, the Law of Homeostasis have finally come full circle to the "political arena"...."thanks to the Democrats." The battle last year for the life of Terri Shindler Schiavo was a political "hot potato" with the DEMOCRATIC LIBERAL LEFT vs the REPRUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE RIGHT. The DEMS accused the REPS of politicizing the tragic situation and intervening in a person's privacy. I thought one of government's responsibilities was to protect the rights of "weaker members" of our society. I don't think you can find a "weaker member" than one in a "coma" or those in morphogenesis that can't "speak for themselves.". The issue of a feeding tube being considered an "extraordinary" means to keep a person alive is not even worthy of discussing. Those that do consider it "extraordinary" are basing their belief on emotion and ignorance...PERIOD! This week, a dear Knights of Columbus friend of mind finally had his first drink of orange juice in over a year. He was being kept alive by a "feeding tube" for the last year! Removal of a "feeding tube" by the courts is a violation of the Law of Homeostasis and is tantamount to state sanctioned MURDER! (so is abortion..PERIOD!)

Well....."Who stinketh the most?" Is the "pot" calling the "kettle" black? Now the DEMS are using Michael Schiavo to help score some political points for their feeble attempt to take power from the REPS. (The "link" to the story in in the post title.) Turns out Schiavo campaigned against Lieberman in Connecticut by endorsing Lamont! Says ALL you need to know about what is going on! I submit that the DEMS are the one's who are politicizing personal tragedy for their own benefit. Cindy Sheehan is not the only one who has used personal tragedy politically which the Dems have utilized for their agenda. Michael Schiavo is an excellent addition to their twisted agenda of IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY! (I think Dr. Michael Savage, in his book "The Savage Nation" hits the nail on the head...He says Liberalism is a "social disease."

The REPS are the party of pro-life....their intervention into the Terri Schiavo case was not politically driven, it WAS EXPECTED and REQUIRED by their own "platform." (God's Will too!) They saw a "hurting family" in the Schindlers and intervened on their behalf to guarantee Terri's rights were being upheld. The fact that they failed is evidence that we have already passed the point of "no return" in our Nation for the protection of human rights. Our Constitution has become "relative" and that is a "slippery slope" that will eventually destroy our American Culture. It eventually happens to all civilizations that "forget" their "roots."

I make a "bold" statement when I say it was God's Will to try and prevent Terri's death. In reality it is not I but God in His Holy Word, The Bible, that makes this claim. I actually had a main line Protestant preacher tell me that Terri was already dead and her Soul had already left her body! uugh! This is the same IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY that is displayed by those who argue that a human embryo or fetus is not human yet because the "soul" has not entered the baby yet! uugh!

Christians believe that the body is the "Temple" of the Holy Spirit of God that dwells in a "Christ forgiven sinner." Evidently those that don't believe in Christ don't have this Spirit so I suppose "killing" them if they are "brain dead" is OK. Terri was a devout Catholic and in our faith (I am Catholic too) andwe DO BELIEVE THE BODY is the "Temple" of the "Holy Spirit of God." Where in God's Word does it say that if a Christian suffers "permanent brain damage"...the Holy Spirit of God leaves? If we kill a "brain dead" Spirit filled Christian, are we not "killing the Holy Spirit of God by killing His Temple? Unless of course you consider a Catholic not to be a Temple of God's Holy Spirit. depends on who is a Christ forgiven sinner and it must be we Catholics are "LOST!" (Do not judge least ye be judged!)

I think it is obvious how ridiculous this type of reasoning is. It explains why some Protestant denominations and New Agers accept abortion as a women's right and that homosexual acts are God's Will! uugh! As a Biologist, I understand the Law of Biogenesis and for us, the "Life Force of God" IS the Soul and is present at the instant of conception as it is in ALL life and it returns to God at physical death, not some arbitrary "time" prescribed by man. Life can ONLY come from pre-existing life which means from God ONLY.

The "bottom" line is that man's sin and the resulting EGO it creates blinds us to TRUTH so "tragic" events become instruments of the political process.

"God forgive us for we know not what we do."
Pax...the Doubting Thomas (David)


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