Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine how many souls could be won for Jesus Christ if we spent all this anti-Darwinisn and pro-Creationism money preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified? The fear of Science is the beginning of illusion....The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom. Choose God and stop helping Satan devour souls with all this anti-Science illusion!

One of the most insidious illusions put on Man by Satan is that the Holy Bible...THE INERRANT WORD OF GOD AND FINAL AUTHORITY ON HUMAN that it is in opposition to of God's great gifts to Man whom He CREATED IN HIS IMAGE! In the original Hebrew in the Book of Genesis of the Torah...Creation is described

PHYLOGENETICALLY .....reflects the "Finger of God" in the Creation process. So sad Satan has succeeded in seducing man to reject TRUTH and cause Man to stumble. PREACH Jesus CRUCIFIED or we will be held accountable for loosing our brothers and sisters because of our folly of not trusting the Lord.

Attacking Science DOES NOT WIN SOULS! From 1865 until now we had "Darwinism" to keep our minds and hearts off the Cross of Christ. Now Satan has launched a new weapon to stop us from preaching Jesus....Stephen Hawking's new book "The Grand Design" which critics claim Hawking is saying THERE IS NO GOD! "God forgive us for we know not what we do or say!" Hawking states in his book that the Laws of Physics are so constituted that God is not a requirement for Creation. What Hawking has "inadvertently " succeeded in doing is revealing the TRUE God of the Universe..the SAME ONE revealed in the FLESH as Jesus the Christ! Jesus said.."I and the Father are ONE.... when you see Me you see the Father." When you believe this I and the Father will come into you and dwell in your heart and soul and body for you are the TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT of God! Satan twisted this TRUTH causing Man to separate God from His Creation in ALL religions INCLUDING Christianity! Hawking has debunked this hoax that God is separate by revealing mathematically that the Laws of Physics "Create" on their "own." Does this say therefore say THERE IS NO GOD? OH contraire mon' ami! The New Testament was originally written in Greek. In St.John's Gospel Chapter 1 verse 1..the Greek word is "logos" which has been translated as WORD in all languages. "In the Beginning was the WORD..etc.... THE ACTUAL MEANING OF "LOGOS" IS MUCH MORE THAN "WORD." It is better understood as "LAW." "In the Beginning was the "LAW" and the LAW was God....etc." Hawking has mathematically proved that God exists and our Lord Jesus Christ revealed that this GOD is LOVE and is even mindful and caring of the "sparrow that falls from the sky as well as every hair on your head...assuming your not bald!" Friend..Jesus IS "Emmanuel" God with us!

What is also sad is that Hawking himself probably is not even aware of the significance of his discovery. Why is that Christians have such a need to prove that the Bible is 100% true? Is it lack of Faith that Jesus is God and rose from the dead? The "need" to prove the the Flood in finding Noah's Ark....that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus. Jesus is the RISEN Lord...all this other stuff is distraction.... especially the waste of money on disproving Darwin! I taught Biology 33 years...I think I have something to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us PREACH Christ and Him CRUCIFIED! the Doubting Thomas...David Brown


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