Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Science vs Religion

The battle is old and is getting worse as Creation Science is locked into an emotional struggle with Science. The only winner in this battle is the great liar Satan. The problem is the FEAR that Science somehow disproves God and the Bible. A large majority of Christianity interprets the Bible literally and this is the basis of the conflict that creates the perceived incompatibility. As a result of this, Creationists see Science as the enemy and unfortunately….Scientists feel the same about those who believe in the Bible……BOTH sides loose!

The Creation website…….. …….attempts to go on the offensive by asking…… “What are scientists afraid of?” Since many Scientists unfortunately care less about the Bible and Bible believers, this is the WRONG question to ask.…..the more appropriate question is….”What are Christians afraid of?”....Do they not know the promise of Jesus….”Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.” What is TRUTH? The Bible is the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH and ONLY through Science can the REAL TRUTH be deciphered. If I am incorrect, why are there over 500 denominations of Christianity each thinking they have it “right?” Scientific interpretation of Scripture would unify the Body of Christ and fulfill Jesus’ Prayer that we be ONE.

It is my conviction that Jesus not only Incarnated to pay the consequences of sin for all humans but that He also frees us from ALL religions. “TRUTH sets us free from evil"

Science is a Gift of God because we are created in His Image and when practiced without bias it ALWAYS leads to TRUTH. I taught Biology 35 years and the perception that Science is incompatible with the Holy Bible....(The Inerrant Word of God and FINAL Authority on planet Earth).... is one of the most insidious illusions ever perpetrated by the great liar Satan.

(Ref: Ephesians 6:12)

Satan has found our weakness.....FEAR OF SCIENCE.....Christians have spent more money on trying to refute Darwinian NATURAL Selection than SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! We hear a lot about "Born Again Christians." OH I believe Jesus is 100% correct when He said "We must be Born Again." However....He also told us that once we accept the Vicarious Death of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary as payment for our transgressions against God...WE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.....NOT TRYING TO DISPROVE WHAT SCIENCE DISCOVERS ABOUT NATURE. Contrary to popular belief...Science has verified more Scripture as TRUTH than any atheist would be willing to admit! In fact....I have discovered that when the Holy Scriptures are interpreted within the parameters of Science...THERE ARE NO ERRORS OR CONTRADICTIONS that atheists constantly bring up!

What saddens me the most is all the souls that could have been brought to the Lord Jesus if the money spent on trying to disprove the revelations of Science was spent on preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified!

TIME IS SHORT AND WE MUST START PREACHING THE SAVING POWER OF THE BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST NOW...(John 6:53)... and stop squandering God's money on practicing "pseudo-science" and spend it on Christ and Him Crucified!

May this Blessed season of Christmas enlighten your hearts to recognize the presence of our Lord in NATURE and share the Greatest Gift of Eternity.....our Savior Jesus Christ! David Brown