Friday, October 29, 2010

anti-SCIENCE = anti-GOD

10 Dangers of Theistic Evolution….180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE WITH THE CREATOR!

Posted on October 27, 2010...... by Creation Society

The atheistic formula for evolution is:

Evolution = matter + evolutionary factors (chance and necessity + mutation + selection + isolation + death) + very long time periods.

In the theistic evolutionary view, God is added:

Theistic evolution = matter + evolutionary factors (chance and necessity + mutation + selection + isolation + death) + very long time periods + God.

In this system God is not the omnipotent Lord of all things, whose Word has to be taken seriously by all men, but He is integrated into the evolutionary philosophy. This leads to 10 dangers for Christians…

Source: I list their website because I do NOT fear them!



1) God Created by His Word.....He reveals this TRUTH in Quantum Mechanics because the LAWS of Physics are so constituted that they do NOT require God to be an external FORCE that man's mortal, sinful and feeble mind demands. (as recently discovered by Stephen Hawking) THE BLASPHEMY HERE IS THAT ALL RELIGIONS INCLUDING CHRISTIANITY AND ESPECIALLY NEW AGE ILLUSION SEPARATE GOD FROM HIS CREATION . (Jesus said God dwells in us there fore HE IS NOT EXTERNAL!)

2) He reveals His Glorious Power in the Creation of the diversity Life in the discovery of "Natural Selection" (as discovered by Charles Darwin) and Recombinant DNA.

3) He revealed Himself as COMPASSIONATE, FORGIVING and PURE LOVE in the INCARNATION as Jesus Christ....(as recorded in the Inerrant Word of God...the Holy Bible)

Why do these "Christian" groups SPEND ALL THEIR MONEY spreading more fear of Science that helps Satan create more illusion instead of spending the money on preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ....the Incarnation, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension AND RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST TO EARTH AS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS?

BOTH of their formulas are erroneous. The first because it assumes no God, externally or internally. The second because they ADD God at the end of their formula which REMOVES HIM from HIS CREATION! The actual formula is in the Holy Bible.....the Gospel of St. John Chapter 1.....

IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS GOD.........The actual word for WORD is "logos" which is better translated LAW. There fore the formula should INCLUDE GOD in the beginning as it does on St. John's Gospel.

GOD -WORD-LAW = MATTER + COSMOGENY (galactic evolution-stellar evolution, planetesimal evolution) + DIVERSITY of LIFE ( genetic variation+ mutation -evolutionary factors- NATURAL selection of variations of advantage + Scientifically proven LONG periods of time AND Recombinant DNA)

In this TRUE Theistic version of Creation the Law of Biogenesis is conserved....."ALL life comes from pre-existing life" (proved by Louis Pastuer in the latter part of the 19th Century." Since God is "THE WORD AND THE LAW" this formula reflects the ABSOLUTE omnipotence of the Creator. Because man is a mortal being in "flesh" that has "fallen" as the result of requires an absolute beginning and end to existence. Therefore man required God to be external to His Creation. The Bible says God was NOT Created...He always was and always will be just as Jesus existed before His Incarnation on the first Christmas! Atheists thought that the Big Bang Theory was the start of Creation. Because Theists do not know that God EXISTS "within" His Creation and Creates through it.....they concluded that Science's discoveries in Cosmogeny, Quantum Mechanics (StringTheory etc) Darwinism, and Recombinant DNA is illusion instead of PROOF that God is REAL This fear of Science and the illusion it creates is straight from the gates of HELL and prevents man from understanding his true NATURE......that God dwells with in us and works within us as Jesus taught. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit IS GOD the CREATOR and the Bible states that we are the temple of the Holy's about time Christians accept this TRUTH and stop working against God by trying to reject Scientific Truth and start preaching Christ and Him Crucified to restore our relationship with the Eternal God!!!!!