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Probably the most misunderstood commandments of Jesus was to "turn the other cheek." AND...."forgive your enemies and pray for them." Jesus is VERY clear....intent is equal to action. ie; "just looking at your neighbor's spouse with lust in your heart IS ADULTERY."

There is another side to the "turn the other cheek" coin......AND Jesus Himself revealed it when He rather VIOLENTLY over turned the money changers tables in the Temple! (Hmmm..wonder if that was a precursor to the Bush Doctrine?)

"THOU SHALL NOT KILL"......Everyone knows this logical Commandment. I wonder how many REALLY understand it? Many argue over the difference between KILLING and MURDER. Is there a difference? Hmmm..maybe there is. Since Jesus makes it clear that "intent" is the key to moral character and behavior. How does this Commandment relate to "turn the other cheek?" Is there such a thing as moral action like "self defense?" All living organisms respond to a Universal Law of self preservation and species preservation. Having taught Biology for 35 years, I am obliged to analyze the question of the Commandment "Thou shall not kill."

The following explanation of this Commandment did not come to me by "thinking about it." (as far as I can tell) It came to me in a very lucid "dream state." Obviously...I am a "product" of my education and experiences but since I believe that God dwells and works through His Creation, I suspect that my dream revelations come from Him. ( "Test all Spirits to see if they be from God."..... this is one of the toughest things to discern in an inspiration from God or from the "gods" of this world?......Christianity has over 500 denominations so I suspect a lot of the inspirations that caused this are surely NOT from the God of Creation!....AND they all claim that their inspirations are from God by verifying it be God's Will as revealed in the Holy Bible.....odd that God's Word causes so much confusion.)

"Thou Shall NOT Kill"........Jesus says "if you "hate" your brother it is equivalent to killing him. Pretty clear I'd say. Now......the "dream" explanation.......If you kill a person intentionally with violates God's Commandment and you are guilty. If some one kills YOU under the same circumstances ..they are guilty as well. HOWEVER......IF SOMEONE TRIES TO KILL YOU AND "YOU TURN THE OTHER CHEEK" AND THEY KILL YOU......YOU ARE THE ONE GUILTY OF BREAKING THE COMMANDMENT BECAUSE YOU ALLOWED IT BECAUSE OF MISUNDERSTANDING JESUS' COMMAND TO"TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!" If you do "defend" yourself and the person trying to kill you dies because of your defense (as long as your defense was to preserve your life and not based on hate)....YOU ARE NOT GUILTY OF VIOLATING THE COMMANDMENT.

Today, defensive action is no longer based on the personal weapon of knives, swords and guns. Unfortunately today, we live in a nuclear world AND that fact REALLY changes defensive action. The Law of self preservation and species (or even National) preservation still applies. BUT....the enemy no longer needs to be in your presence to kill you. You couldn't "turn the other cheek" even if you wanted too..BECAUSE "he ain't there" and history has shown that "negotiation" has NEVER resulted in peace. Unfortunately, in this "fallen world", temporary peace comes only after war. Do we still have an obligation then to preserve ourselves through "preemptive" action...the so called "Bush Doctrine" that is rejected by so many liberals today? Was not Jesus' attack on the Temple money changers "preemptive?"

Ironically...those who insist on negotiated peace with an enemy that wants you dead are able to argue this position thanks to a Nation that recognizes military defense was necessary to preserve this right to these "peace doves." Every one wants peace...but the means to this peace is radically different between those who understand the Commandment "Thou shall not Kill" and those who don't. (mostly "progressives")

As Jesus taught us..."intent" of the heart is the basis of a moral life. War is NEVER is JUST war and a necessary evil of a "fallen world" and failure to recognize this TRUTH is a misunderstanding of living a moral life. Living a life with impure qualities not only has a negative affect on an individual's physical and mental has even a greater negative impact on the very fabric of space-time. God is totally perfect and Holy and this is why we cannot co-exist with God if we live a life of impure character. War does not make us impure...failure to preserve life DOES!

This is a dangerous extension of Jesus' teachings that needs to be exposed, especially in light of the tragedy of Tucson......"group guilt"......laying blame on "others" or on weapons that kill. (knives, guns, etc) Outlawing guns does NOT deal with the's fallen moral character is the problem.

Everyone wants "peace" and there are two schools of thought on this issue....can man achieve peace by changing man's heart? Many believe it is possible because the alternative seems contrary to a loving God. This is the goal of most religions, including many in Christianity and New Age Philosophy....peace comes when 51 % of all people are "enlightened" into the Christ consciousness. This is an error because "group enlightenment" was never God's Will as revealed in the Torah. The reality is Individual "enlightenment" that prepares individuals for a future restoration of Earth to the Kingdom of God...the Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations. Man was NEVER meant to be the vehicle of peace. God Himself is the ONLY source of TRUE PEACE as revealed in the Old (Torah) and New Testament of the Holy Bible. Emmanuel.."God with us".......Jesus the Christ of God is the ONLY vehicle of restoration. Instead of man accepting the TRUTH revealed in Christ...they made another religion out of it no different than any other religion. This is because Christians make the SAME error as ALL other religions.....they base it on "supernatural power." There is no such thing as the supernatural as revealed through God's gift of Science...Quantum Mechanics. Did Jesus actually "rise from the dead?" Did Jesus actually ascend into Heaven (space-time) and will He actually return the same way He left? (Acts 1:1-11) Science answers all of these questions affirmative! (Resurrection..."Shroud of Turin." Ascension and Return.....'taken up ("tractor beam") and hidden in a cloud.' "Cloud=condensation caused by energy fields generated by dimensional travel") Peace is restored to Earth when Earth is restored to the Federation....upon Jesus return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The supernatural is the illusion that has robbed man from knowing his rightful place in the Kingdom of God with his Cosmic Family. The Incarnation of God in the form of Jesus reveals this TRUTH but was rejected not just by Jews (and all "other" religions) but Christians as well when they made a religion out of Him!

Another major error of the Christian religion besides not understanding the 5th or 6th Commandment (depends on denomination) is misunderstanding the basis of "their" religion.."the Holy Bible". The Faith required in ALL religions is blind Faith. Jesus specifically said we need the Faith of a Child. A child's Faith is NOT blind but is based on TRUST and Truth. THE ONLY source of TRUTH is the Bible as revealed by God's Gift of Science. Creation of Space-time and matter and energy, Creation of the Diversity Life through Darwinian Natural Selection, Creation of Man in God's image through Recombinant DNA and Hybridization, Creation of women through modified cloning ARE ALL BIBLICAL......BUT ONLY IF we believe what Jesus revealed...that God dwells within and works through His Creation and His perfect Physical and Spiritual Laws. Because man "invented" the "supernatural" he interprets the Bible literally which resulted in creating an illusion that robs man of TRUTH. Science is the ONLY human activity that is immune from human bias and prejudice because experiments that reveal TRUTH MUST BE REPEATABLE......and if others can get the same results....TRUTH is preserved and if wasn't TRUTH!. The Nobel Prizes in Science have NEVER been revoked because the winners all revealed TRUTH through their discoveries BECAUSE of "repeatability.". (The Nobel Peace prizes are not immune from revocation and we should start with Carter, Gore and Obama!)

In the Truth of Christ......David Brown...Oswego, NY

Pax........The "Doubting Thomas"


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