Thursday, December 09, 2010

The "NEW" New Agers

My response to the “NEW” New Agers from the following website……

Robert...I really appreciated your download on "new faith." I believe we have similar views.... however..."throwing the babe out with the bathwater" may be a serious “ETERNAL” mistake. I for one do not buy into the fact that the Gospel and teachings of the historical Jesus Christ was preserved and propagated for 2,000 years by men..."good or bad with "good or bad" intentions. My view of Faith is a bit different and I choose to classify my Faith as REALITY.

I may be wrong but forgive me for disagreeing with you..... after reading the PDF file I downloaded from you, I get the impression that much of your revelation is "neo-New Age." Really nothing "new." I do agree with you that religion is man made and that the real agenda behind ALL world religions including Christianity is "enslavement" of people by the "elite". Not much different than world governments including our own! Communism tried to "even" the playing field but they failed for the SAME reasons all governments and religions fail...they deal with spiritual-supernatural illusions......even to the point of believing themselves to be "gods."

I taught Biology 35 years and in my retirement I have come back to my first love….Physics....particularly Particle Physics (Quantum). The breakthroughs in the last 40 years especially in the search for “Unification” of the four forces, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear and gravity has revealed what may be REALITY….String Theory. This is what I base my “Faith’ on and why I refer to it as “reality.” The Amazing Kresgin was attributed with the following quote…”I believe the Supernatural is the UNDISCOVERED Natural.” I agree with him and I am convinced String Theory reveals this TRUTH. I have approached the Bible from this perspective and have discovered that Science is not only compatible with Scripture but in fact scientifically explains so much of what it reveals that can only be taken on blind faith. I believe the God revealed by the Incarnation of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua Ben Joseph) not only does not want "blind faith" but CONDEMNS it! Frankly...if the anthology of ancient writings known as the Bible (which means library BTW) were not written between 5,000 and 2,000 years ago I would REJECT IT because I do believe in EVIL and this EVIL has grown so powerful in the last 2,000 years I simply don't buy much of ANYTHING written today except scientific discovery revealed by the Scientific Method.

The Bible tells us there was a time before Earth was formed when one third of the Creation rebelled against the "Collective God Force" revealed by Jesus and was exiled from this Intergalactic Federation of Star Nations. I am CONVINCED it is is these 1/3rd that is the source of ALL EVIL and are the "gods" of this present world as warned in Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." This is the REALITY I base my Faith on. Therefore...I am convinced the Prophecies of the Bible will occur and frankly...according to Quantum Mechanics ..they ALREADY HAVE and I am not referring to the Preterist Christians who claim they were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and teach their followers that the Christian Church is Israel...NOT the present Jewish State of Israel......the fulfillment of the "Fig Tree Prophecy" on May 14, 1948.. (BTW..Jesus warned of this apostasy of Replacement Theology (Preterism) just as He warned about FALSE PROPHETS that follow Him.)

Many people have Faith in Jesus.......I, like St. Thomas find this Faith hard to swallow until he placed his fingers into the wounds of crucifixion of the Resurrected Jesus. I have not had this "Doubting Thomas" epiphany but I do have intelligence to apply my knowledge of Science to Biblical revelations and this has been my Doubting Thomas.experience. My problem with New Age ideas and your "new" New Age ideas is it requires blind faith and I prefer REALITY myself.

I have pasted my latest blog about Science vs Religion below.....feel free to disagree with me or discuss any questions you may have. I have a belief that no one "grows" unless there are disagreements!

BTW......just a curiosity....According to the Quantum and Relativity..."Time is an illusion no matter how persistent." Albert Einstein AND in the original Hebrew language in the Torah....past events are written in the future tense and future events in the past tense. Strange eh? AND it seems a common Biblical reference to God in the Bible is that to Him a Day is as a Thousand Years and a Thousand Years as a Day.

Merry Christmas...David Brown, Oswego, NY