Sunday, January 30, 2011

E. Coli and Egypt

As the presence of E. coli (digestive tract bacteria) in drinking water is an indicator of sewage pollution, maybe Egypt is the indicator of the pollution of Western Civilization by Islam? Egypt may be an Islamic majority but the government is secular, or was? The goal if Islam is world wide Sharia Law....a Theocracy.

What about America? Any E. coli here? Maybe.......

"I have found the enemy and he is us." Let me explain...........

I fear MORE than Iran is helping to fund the Islamic Brotherhood and the take over of Egypt and the world is being fooled that it is a grass roots secular protest of a 30 year dictator. Hmmm..If Joel Richardson is correct about the Book of Daniel...this is a PERFECT time for the rise of the Islamic anti-Christ. Wonder who that could be? Or....maybe the Bible is just a bunch of stories and there is no Devil and no anti-Christ. Law of Free Will allows us to decide what we want to believe. Observe the facts and pick your side, I guess!

I am not proclaiming that obama is that person but Henry Kissinger (Bilderberg member and former Sec. of State) did state (at Washington Press Club) that obama was being "groomed" to be the leader of the New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) and obama was the FIRST candidate for President of the US to campaign in a foreign country! (Germany)

I just have some questions I would like answered......

1) Why did obama campaign in Germany for the office of the President of the United States if America?

2) Why did obama spend us into 14 trillion dollar debt. You really believe SPENDING was the answer to Bush's economic mess?

3) Why did obamacare not allow competition across state lines for health insurance?

4) Why did obamacare not include tort reform? (medical malpractice may be the biggest cause of insurance premium increase)

5) Why does obamacare not include plans to educate MORE physicians? (the plan as it is creates a doctor shortage.)

6) Why does obamacare "secretly cover" tax supported abortions? (Why did obama lie about it?)

7) Why does obama apologize for the US being Imperialistic and is CONSTANTLY embracing the "peaceful religion of Islam?" (Why does he constantly call the Koran the Holy Book? If your a REAL Christian..the BIBLE is the ONLY Holy Book! BTW...if your a real are commanded by the god of islam, allah, to lie to all infidels for the cause of the spread of islam to the whole world. I AM NOT AN ISLAMOPHOBE...I AM A REALIST!

8) Why does obama Republicans (RINO's and Tea Party too) ignore the trade deficit, taxes and unions that inflated wages and benefits and pensions as the chief cause of jobs going overseas? (actually our own fault for chasing after cheap goods at WALMART and fall into the trap of materialism. Politicians just take advantage of that weakness in Americans!)

9) Why was John McCain required to produce a long form birth certificate (he was born in Panama) and obama didn't have too?

10) Why did the Governor of Hawaii say he was going to produce the long form birth certificate to finally embarrass all "birthers?"

11) Why did the Gov say "he can't find the long form birth certificate" in the bureau of records in Hawaii?

12) Why did the Gov say the Attorney General of Hawaii told him he can't release the birth certificate without obama's permission?

13) WHY THE HECK WON'T OBAMA GIVE PERMISSION?? (Is it maybe because his name is not on it but instead is his former name Barrie Soetoro?...That would be VERY embarrassing and maybe even unethical or illegal and why obama has spent over a million dollars preventing this long form from coming out? Did he legally change his name to barach hussein obama? Hmmmmm? (BTW...newspaper birth announcements are not evidence of location of birth. We have plenty of birth announcements in our local paper placed by family of a new grandchild born in some other location.)


14) I still want to know why Hiliary Clinton settled for Sec. of State when she lost nomination to obama and she was so negative toward him in the campaign. Campaign rhetoric? BALONEY!!!

15) Why was Sean Hannity the ONLY TV journalist to talk about obama's birth status and his relationship to "God Damn America" Reverend Jermiah Wright? Why has Sean Hannity dropped it all together and today birthers are called wackos? 16) Why did Bill O"Reilly claim he saw the long form birth certificate when the Govenor says there isn't one? Why does Glenn Beck call "birthers" crazy? Hmmm....they work for Rupert Murdock ....Fox News...any dots to connect? I mean..they pretend to be basically anti-obama but is this a ruse?

17) What are we afraid of?... embarrassing for us to admit we may have elected a fraud for President and it would have devastating affects on our country's economy and world ranking? A 14 trillion dollar debt doesn't? Shortage of doctors because of obamacare doesn't? GIVE ME A BREAK! We forced Nixon to resign in shame and Clinton was IMPEACHED and we all survived!

Hmmm... Maybe the "official" wacko out there is Dr. James Manning. (Manning Report..ATLAH/ Worldwide who BTW is a real African-American) I listened to his latest report. Is he really a whacko? I wondered why News Max. com and World Net Daily were the only ones updating legal action on obama's eligibility to be President under the Constitution of the United States. Drudge Report is even ignoring it. Is that proof birthers are nuts? Maybe but when I learned that MOST of the money that supports Rupert Murdoch and Fox News is Saudi Arabian muslim money I am beginning to wonder. Why? $$$ with the enemy and he may be nice to you with $$$ ...this is called "AN UNCLE TOM." AS THEY SAY...IFYOU ARE LOOKING FOR TRUTH FOLLOW THE MONEY! It is obvious why mainstream media (NBC, CBS ABC, CNN, MSNBC) ignores legal action on obama's long form birth certificate...THEY ARE ALL PART OF THE NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

(New World Order)

Hmmm...there is maybe another explanation and not just GREED......."The X-Files Theme" ...maybe the "elite" who really "run" the world (Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission etc.) have made a "DEAL" with the "DARK SIDE"......IF TRUE THE ELITE ARE THE ULTIMATE UNCLE TOMS.....selling ALL of humanity out to the "DARK SIDE" Trust me..if Ephesians 6:12 is true..THERE IS A DARK SIDE.............................

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

JUST speculating folks! OH....EVERYONE...GO SEE ANTHONY HOPKINS IN "THE RITE".....Awesome acting performance but the movie may also make you think a bit too!!!

Please take the time to listen to Dr. Manning in the following this link .......... AFTER reading below.

I don't agree with everything he says, especially his anti-Tea Party sentiment and his saying you might as well watch MSNBC and be NAZI's because Fox News are Uncle Toms but his warning about islam is REAL! (Funny how Bill O'Reilly is vocal about investigating islamic activity in America!) I do worry that the Tea Party may hinder instead of help true Conservatives thus allowing liberal control. I do think RINO's (Republican in name only) are worse than liberal Democrats because they PRETEND to be compassionate and moral but are either Uncle Toms or are just greedy opportunists.

Matthew 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."

Well...mohammed came 600 years AFTER the person who said this...and that person was Jesus...I'm just sayin'. Was He warning us about islam today? You be the judge.......but here's one scary statistic. for every non-muslim born in the world..there are 8 muslims born. YOU DO THE MATH.

Pax........The "Doubting Thomas"


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