Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"ILLUSION" is the Offspring of Anti-Science

This is my friends’ comment….

“My question is that if God did incarnate completely on earth...How does he keep a secret from himself? Clearly, Mark 13:32 states that the Son does not even know the hour. The one thing that has always troubled me is how does Jesus / God keep this secret from himself?”

This is my response that I would like to share with all who read my posts…

Now, on Mark 13:32-37, I do know that Scripture well and I have quoted it many times. BUT I never really thought about what it implied. YOU DO HAVE AN EXCELLENT POINT! No matter how I try to give an explanation. it will not suffice for sure! I am not a Theologian or Clergy and I do not claim to be a Biblical expert. I will give a humble attempt!

Can't say Mark was wrong because that would bring all Scripture into question for we believe Scripture to be "Inspired" by God. Saying Jesus does not know the time implies "Polytheism", a 3 God system with ONE Superior to the others. This contradicts the concept of God as well for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are ONE and all EQUAL. Quoting Isaiah 55:8-9 is a "cop out" for sure and leaving it a "mystery" contradicts 1Corinthians 2:10. Are we stuck with a paradox? Maybe. I don't know.... (Scientifically I can not buy into..."some things we are not suppose to know" is simply illogical to me.).... BUT, String Theory may hold a clue for us...

String Theory and its’ subdivisions (membrane etc.) is a mathematical representation of "reality." Many Quantum Physicists believe that we finally have "Unification" of the 4 forces in this theory. One of the characteristics of it is that "reality" is composed of 11 dimensions and Existence is manifested throughout these dimensions. We believe that the difference between one dimension and the next is "frequency." Another characteristic is that time and space is really ONE dimension and this implies that the past, present and future all exist in the NOW. This is a scientific attempt to the quantification of ETERNITY. In this frame of reference, the future has already happened and co-exists with the past and present Science fiction writers call this the "time continuum." Time travel forward and backward is very feasible in String Theory. According to what some say of A String Theory.... TIME has no beginning and no end. Jesus in fact is called the Alpha and Omega of the end. JUST NOW.

We say the Big Bang took place some 25 billion years ago but String Theory is causing man to re-visit this and say that what we perceive as Big Bang evidence is really images of what physicists are now calling "bubbles" in the fabric of space-time "popping" in from the other 7 dimensions. (Whatever that means...I am not a mathematician!) what's with all this "double talk?" How does this relate to Mark 13? Hmmmm...I don't KNOW!!!... BUT... how about this... God as Son does not know in the present but He will obviously know in the future. God the Father knows NOW because He is past, present and future. If Jesus is God...He knows the time in the future, which is also NOW. So...the "secret" is He knows NOW as future and knows NOW as present when He doesn't know the time. Ah...forget it! This is illogical... like asking the question, ”Can God create a rock He cannot lift?" I'd rather try sitting in the "corner" of a "round" room! Uggggh! I have a splitting headache! ..Thanks a bunch! hee hee hee One thing is for sure....I won't buy into "I'm not suppose to know"...I won't yell "uncle" yet, either!!!

About your comment, "I don't think we are supposed to figure it all out." IS NOT about SUPPOSED to do anything. The concept of "taboo" for knowledge I believe is opposed to God. We are Created in the Image of God, we are His children and we have the Gift from Him to unlock all of His mysteries and I honestly believe that accepting Him in the manifestation of Jesus allows us to utilize His Gift of the Scientific Method that will reveal His mysteries as 1Corinthians 2:10 says…” But to us, God revealed them through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.”

...OH "George" I think you've got it.... this statement of yours is PROFOUND...
"Perhaps it was that God was in the "now" when incarnated as Jesus and thus being in the now...could not speak of the future etc. However, he knows now since he is not on our plane of existence and is all things. Past, Present, Future.”WOW...that is great, thank you!AND the comment on oblivion...if that were true...we'd be there already and since we are aware of Existence NOW...and NOW is the entire "time continuum" oblivion is IMPOSSIBLE! I think? (therefore I am?)

About your statement of being a hypocrite…no, you are light years from being a hypocrite. You are created in God's Wonderful Image and that is why you (and I) search. He who generalizes generally lies! hee hee hee. (In reference to his statement that you (and I) try to make the Spiritual too complicated. Those who try to simplify life are missing out on the Majesty of Life.... and that is quite a Gift! The only people I "envy" on Earth are Mathematicians for they talk to God in His Native Language! (Although unfortunately many don't realize they are and therefore miss out on the JOY of knowing they are!)Thank you for the compliment...take care. God Bless ...Pax……Doubting Thomas


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