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The “secret” to prayer maybe not what we think it is. People of faith use prayer for worship and when the going gets tough but rarely utilize it for simple things in general everyday life. People who are “too busy” for God come running to Him when things really come “unglued.” As they say…”There are no atheists in a foxhole.” The Truth about God and reality and prayer is terribly misunderstood and I’m sure our Creator weeps.

The following is from Bill Keller of http://www.liveprayer.com/ who “hits the nail on the head”…

EXCERPT FROM LIVEPRAYER DAILY DEVOTIONAL WEDNESDAY MAY 31, 2006(Matthew 10:30, Galatians 2:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Ephesians 3:16, John15:5)

”Praying even about the little things. I want to share with you today alesson I learned many years ago that literally transformed my daily life.It became the difference between me going through the day in my strength,feeling like there was a baby grand piano on my back, and going through theday in the Lord's strength, effortlessly and free regardless of what thecircumstances or problems that day brought. We have no problem praying toGod about the "big things" in our life, but what about the "little things?"”It is critical to never forget that prayer is an act of dependence upon God.We pray because we are dependent upon God for the answer. We pray becausewe face things in our life that are totally out of our control and God isthe only answer. Let me make an important point here that will help yougrasp the lesson today about praying for even the little things in yourlife. It is a false sense of security we have that we are in control ofANYTHING in our life. That is a lie from the depths of hell itself. We mayTHINK we are in control of certain things, when in reality we are not.””It is rebellion to live your life or even try to live your life apart fromGod. When you confess Christ as your Savior you are surrendering your lifeto Him. Completely. 100%. The Bible clearly says that it is no longer ourlife, that it ALL belongs to Him. The problem is we never really get tothat place of 100% surrender. We might get to 50%, or maybe 75%, or even95%, but we never really give it ALL to Him. There are certain parts of ourlife we hold on to, not willing to give Christ everything.””What we end up holding onto are those sins that have become deeply rooted inour life as well as the parts of our life we think we are in control of. Wehave talked often in the past about dealing with those "secret sins," thosedeep-rooted bondages that we have learned how to live with. As we mature inour faith, the Holy Spirit brings us under conviction and we slowly getvictory over and eliminate those bondages and strongholds, allowing theSpirit to clean up those areas of our life that are not pleasing to theLord. However, we still hold onto the things in our life we think we havesome control over.””What I am talking about are those day-to-day issues that we face that maynot seem life changing, and in the big scheme of things are pretty trivial.Getting a parking place. A problem at the bank with your account. Your carneeds to be serviced. An issue on your job or at school. You find ants inyour house. They can't find two of your shirts at the dry cleaners. I amtalking about literally thousands and thousands of daily issues that ariseas you are simply living your life. These are the "little things" that wenever pray about and try to handle on our own.””Don't you know how much God cares about you and loves you? The Bible saysthat He cares about you and loves you so much He even knows the number ofhairs on your head. If God cares enough to number the hairs on your head,why would you think He doesn't care if your keys are lost or your sprinklersystem is not working? Let me assure you, HE DOES! I'm going to sharesomething with you that will literally transform your life and yourrelationship with God. START PRAYING ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN YOURLIFE, EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS!””Years ago, I realized that I was living my daily life not really dependingon God but myself. I began to pray about everything, no matter howinsignificant it seemed. I would pray as I was looking for a parking spot.That didn't mean a spot up front magically became available, but it did meanI got the exact spot God wanted me to be in. I would pray when I woulddecide what phone to buy. It didn't mean they gave me the phone for free,but I ended up with the exact phone God wanted me to have. I would praywhen I took my car to be serviced. It didn't mean that there weren't thingsthat needed to be repaired, but God made sure what needed to be fixed was,and it was in good working order””The point I want you to grasp is that thinking we are in control of anythingis a myth. However, God IS in control of everything at all times. He hasgiven us the ability to communicate with Him at any time about anything. Weare fools when we don't take full advantage of that opportunity. Trust me,there is nothing you can do better than God! Let me repeat that so youdon't miss it. There is NOTHING you can do better than God. You are onlymaking your life more difficult when you live any part of your life apartfrom God. You are carrying unnecessary burdens when you don't takeeverything, even the little things to the Lord in prayer”.

“I love you and care about you so much. God loves you and cares about youeven more. He loves you and cares about EVERYTHING in your life, even thelittle things. Have you ever went to your mom and dad with a problem andthey told you, "Don't bother me, I don't have time right now, figure it outyourself." God will never do that. The Bible doesn't say, "call upon theLord with the big problems in life but handle the little things yourself."The Bible tells us to bring ALL of our petitions to the Lord. That meansnot just the big things in our life, but the little things as well.””We are actually in rebellion to God when we are trying to deal with anythingin our lives apart from Him. John 15:5 tells us that without Him, we can doNOTHING! It doesn't say we can do the little things, it says NOTHING.When we pray about those little things we face each day in our life, we arenot only being obedient, we are not only acknowledging our dependence uponthe Lord, we are taking the pressure off our ourselves. We may get itright, we may make the right decision, but we know GOD WILL 100% of thetime. We are being foolish not to call upon the name of the Lord and letHis Spirit guide us in everything we do in life.””I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will start to consciouslymake an effort to pray throughout the day as you are faced with decisions,with problems, with choices to make. Simply take a moment and ask God toshow you the way, help you through whatever the problem may be, guide you inyour decisions. After a while, it will become second nature, instinctive,to pray about everything in your life throughout the day. You will beamazed at how it will transform your daily life. Not only will you beliving in the freedom of His strength, but you will start to live with greatconfidence because when God is guiding you and directing your steps, LIFEWORKS! Keep praying about the big things in your life, but now, start evenpraying about the little things.”


What Bill is talking about here is that God does care for us because He is pure Love and Love is the “FORCE” that Creates. As he says, we do not control ANYTHING and everything that happens is not “chance” or random but is God’s will. There are no co-incidence only co-existing events. Chaos Theory,…Butterfly Affect, …cause and effect,…”karma”, “what goes around comes around”, “we reap what we sow” (Galatians 6:7)


Love is usually associated with an emotion. BUT…what is this beautiful emotion really doing? We know It Creates…but why? How?
Quantum Physics has recently stumbled upon the very “fabric” of Reality…The String Theory and its’ subdivisions (Super Strings, Brane Bubble etc.) Many Scientists are now calling it “The Theory of EVERYTHING!” If these “tiny little loops” we call strings are the true “fabric” of all matter, energy, space-time and the “other” 7 dimensions of Existence, then what we are saying is that the ONLY “thing” that really Exists are these Strings for EVERYTHING that does Exist are merely different frequencies and vibrational patterns of these Strings. As I have said in my other posts, I believe these Strings are God’s Thoughts…His Word. The Bible sure supports this notion….John 1: 1,

“In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If I am correct about this, these Strings ARE GOD! God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient…exactly the property of Strings! Pretty “cold” impersonal view of God eh? Jesus hanging on the Cross at Calvary sure doesn’t seem impersonal to me….seems awful PASSIONIONATE to me…the ESSENCE OF PURE LOVE.

So…why is prayer answered? Obviously LOVE. How does it work…..If we are all attached by Strings (we are them) then are prayer IS A COMMUNICATION through them. We are connected to God forever and have always been connected. A simple analogy would be an iron rod with point “A” on one end and point “B” on the other. When we pull on point “A”, point “B” moves “at exactly the same time”, there is no TIME involved. This is a characteristic of Quantum Entanglement. Same with prayer…our prayers are answered AS WE PRAY! We may not “like” the answer we get from the prayer but we can be 100% sure it is correct because it is “Resonant” and is God’s will. (There is an old saying….”Be careful what you pray for…you may just get it!”) When we are praying, we are “connecting” to our dependence on God for Existence. When we are connected to God this way, our resonant frequency is ONE with God and we are in balance with the whole Universe. We are without EGO at this point.

This is the “Scientific Nature” of Love…RESONANCE…HARMONY…..CONSTRUCTIVE FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE. As subatomic particles are United through Quantum Entanglement….so does prayer unite our Spirit with God’s (Remember…it is impossible to raise ourselves to this higher dimensional level of being without EGO and sin. The ONLY “path” to this level of “enlightenment” is through The Christ of Creation.
John 14:6…”I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” )

Even on a larger scale we see this in the living physical process in sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is “force” generated by Love that attempts to bring DNA together in “union” which results in a Creative process….we make a beautiful baby! God sharing His Love and Creative power with us! Jesus was constantly referring to His Kingdom like a Bride and Bridegroom! CREATIVE LOVE. (Incidentally…this is why the Bible tells us that marriage is between one man and one women because of the Creative potential involved and the family that results.)

If what I say about Strings is True……we are NUTS not to be in constant connection to God through prayer…24/7. Problem is…to live this way, in surrender to the “Fabric of the Cosmos”..God…we sure will live a victorious life but we may also experience “powers” that are down right “spooky”. Being a child of God sure can be scary…..can you imagine “walking” through a wall?….WEIRD STUFF! If we start calling God by His Holy Name….YHWH…we better expect weird stuff to start happening because He really appreciates His Creation having that kind of personal relationship.

Don’t “doubt” God….Peter and many others did ..Thomas did as well and was given a special Gift…..to “touch” the Precious Wounds of The Crucified God-Man. AWESOME POWER! Personally, for me, String Theory is equivalent to “touching” Him…..for I am a Doubting Thomas too. I thank Him and Love Him.

Pax….Doubting Thomas


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