Sunday, May 28, 2006


I received an interesting e-mail from a very dear friend of mine that I responded to and want to share. I think it is VERY important for all to read.

My friend's comments.....

"Sorry! I forgot something important from my email about the Zeta visit this morning.
When he was showing me that place in Orion's Belt and I saw that energy signature stuff, I asked Zeta what they did to eat or take in energy. I had heard some bad lies about these kind guys and was like wanting to go right to the source since he was there and find out!

He showed me some energy patterns that were very short - about 1 foot tall and bushy - and I knew somehow they were plants. They had some cool energy vein structures in them.
I thought "Vegetarian?" and Zeta did not answer so I asked if they were like plants and he said "Yes." and I asked if they pulled them up and ate them and he was almost appalled like with his energy response to me and said "NO!" and so I asked what they did to get energy from them and he showed me where they had some containers and the "Plants" ? could be tapped into and they would release the energy into the containers then Zeta could drink the energy or save it !!! I was like " W O W !!! " and then the Zeta would let the plant rest until it was ready to give more energy again."

WOW is putting it mildly!...(This Zeta characteristic seems to have a lot in common with the "Celestine Prophecy" in understanding "energy" interaction between all life entities.) As a Biologist, I never could figure out why people say eating a plant is ok but eating an animal is not. (human arrogance and ignorance) Plants are "perfect" life forms just like all animals but they are autotrophic...they carry on photosynthesis and therefore make their own food nutrition. Just because their communications system is based on chemical stimuli and response instead of "electrochemical" nervous response found in animal life DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE MORE APPROPRIATE FOR EATING because of our "arrogant" and "ignorant" view of "feelings." Plants DO HAVE FEELINGS TO....maybe not like us but they have a "right" to life as much as ANY living organism..PERIOD!
Animals are heterotrophic and must obtain energy and materials from eating another life form. If you look at Scripture, you will see that Creation of this ecosystem on planet Earth was "not al;ways" this way. Because of Man's EGO (SIN) our ecosystem "fell" from this "perfect" energy state level, including all life on the planet leaving animal life requiring a heterothrophic nutrition system. I eat BOTH because I am a Homo sapiens which is omnivorous. Why are we to eat BOTH? We evolved this way and we require amino acids from both plant and animal life, BECAUSE OF OUR FALL IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, in order to synthesize the required proteins to maintain Homeostasis. (ability to maintain the living process) People who are "obligate herbivores" (vegetarian) lack these amino acids which are found ONLY in ANIMAL life and as a result they place unnecessary stress against their Homeostatic system resulting in disease. This is in opposition to God for sure. Heterotrohic nutrition is very inefficient in terms of energy as well. We get roughly 10% of the original "energy" locked up in photosynthesis. Energy transformations BEFORE the "fall" in the Garden were MUCH MORE efficient than even autotrophic nutrition as in chlorophyll bearing plants. Personally....I suspect that the nutrition system of the Zeta are "proof" of this and maybe even proof that SV's are the Angelic Beings of the Holy Bible.

Your information that the Zeta obtain "energy" and materials from plants WITHOUT EATING THEM and harming them is evidence that we have indeed "fallen from Grace!" Col. Corso states in his book "The Day After Roswell", that the Zeta did not have a digestive, excretory or excretion system. Your "chat" with Zeta last night verifies this! THEY DON"T NEED THESE SYSTEMS of the "FALLEN STATE" THAT ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET HAS INHERITED! (no need to go to the "bathroom" for the nutrition system is a pure energy system. YAHOOOOOO!!!.....BUT.... SHUCKS...I enjoy EATING! hee hee hee, YAHOOOOOO anyway!) (NOTE: Corso is not the positive force one would expect towards SV's...he was "military top brass monkey" so his disinformation that SV's are "evil" and want to "serve" us in some exotic galactic restaurant as the main entree is illogical and certainly contradicts the Sagan Postulate....."Civilizations whose technology evolves faster than its' sociology will annihilate themselves before interfering with other civilizations." ( Already happened to us at least once before with "Atlantis.) According to the Sagan would be impossible for SV's that are visiting Earth to be "evil." Personally, I trust a Scientist ANY day over a Commissioned Military Top Monkey! (Note: I don't place Warrant Officers, Chief Petty Officers, Senior Master Sergeants or Sergeant Majors into this elitist category....they are the ones who really have tried to bring peace to Earth in spite of Military and political leaders "playing" war games like children!) EGO, arrogance, prejudice and ignorance breed FEAR which is the opposite of LOVE and results in evil behavior including war. Defensive war is an entirely different action and is justified and moral up until the "current invention" of the "preemptive war" which is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance and is totally "Machiavellian." EXITUS ACTA PROBAT (the ends justify the means) is a lie straight from the pits of hell. "The Ends are justified ONLY by Just and Moral means otherwise the Ends become Amoral, NO MATTER HOW NOBLE" and we fail the "test" of the Sagan Postulate. As FDR said..."We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Too bad people don't heed his admonition. Personally, I fear my fellow man much more than weird looking SV's. (I'm pretty weird looking myself and I probably have scared my share of SV's! hee hee hee)

The free energy systems in Living Entities incorporating "Symbiotic Energy Transformation Nutrition Systems", as in the Zeta, instead of Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Nutrition Systems that we have on our "fallen" 4th World Earth, are NOT the only free energy systems of the Universe. It is obvious that energy is required to operate in a 4 dimensional physical Universe where time-space is the basic element of physical reality. Our energy systems all require transformation elements that reduce efficiency and produce undesirable by products that poison our environment. It was very apparent that the Roswell craft sure caused a paradox for our scientists. IT HAD NO FUEL SOURCE! No gas tank! Holy Mackeral....what the heck is goin' on? Well.....with the dawn of the String Theory and its' "all too spooky" Quantum Entanglement (thank you Einstein) we have a phenomena called "Zero Point Energy." Totally "free", totally non-polluting! AND IT PUTS THE OIL COMPANIES OUTA BUSINESS. (By the way...same goes for Medicine....curing disease is a dangerous thing...puts the Medical-Pharmacological complex outta business too! Peace is very dangerous as well...puts the Military-Industrial complex outta business as well. What Utopia? Paradise? That's what Christ tried to tell us!) Yahooooo.....$ 0.00 per kind of price! Man...have we been gittin' ripped off by the 4th World EGOTISTICAL ELITE or what? Well...we are "mad as hell" and we ain't takin; it anymore! Note: When you go to the polls this against ALL incumbents (even if it's your relative!) and AGAINST ALL LAWYERS!'s the wants to get back to our original state of GRACE. Because we have inherited the defective DNA from the "fall in the Garden", IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for man to achieve transition, awakening, enlightenment, salvation and restitution of Grace (restitution of a "free energy" state) on our "own" achievement. Well....vegetarianism, religion (all of them, including Christianity) and cults are NOT THE ANSWER! It won't work Biologically or Spiritually. (Remember.....Biological and Spiritual processes differ ONLY in "frequency" and dimensions in String Theory
These paths of "enlightenment" are ALL EGO driven attempts at "the easy way out!" Before Creation itself... a "way out" of this dilemma or paradox was "in place" that would permit a Creation under the Law of Free Will. Creation itself would resolve the inevitable "problem" that was the consequence of Free Will. This "Thought" or Word" that Creates (YHWH GOD..SOURCE...CREATOR) would INCARNATE at this lower energy level "fallen state" and lead us back to the original state of Grace of Creation before the fall occurred. He would Himself be a "Star Gate" to higher energy levels (dimensions...there are 11 of them!) . He accomplished this in the Manifestation of Jesus The Christ of Creation. He did this by conquering the affect of EGO on the energy levels. It was a literal "rescue operation" knowing we could not achieve the correct energy transformation on our own to make it to transition, although so many are chasing after all the pseudo mechanisms that all appear to work but ultimately fail because they are the WRONG frequency. . God, in His infinite Wisdom, used "nutrition" as an instrument of this transition.

Let me explain........

Not sure if this is an ol' Chinese Proverb or is actually from the Book of Proverbs of the Bible....."You ARE what you eat." When we eat plant or animal material, our digestive system along with the circulatory system prepares the material for energy utilization and assimilation into material for ourselves. Energy release by oxidative pathways and assimilation by taking the plant or animals biomolecules apart into their building blocks and making more of our own molecules. ie; The "eaten" plant or animal protein (enzymes), fats (lipids), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA,) and carbohydrates (polysaccharides) digested into amino acids, fatty acids, nucleotides, and simple sugars (monosaccharides) and then re-assembled into our proteins, fats, DNA-RNA and carbohydrates for our growth and repair and energy release. The "eaten" plant or animal BECOMES us. Now....we know we have a problem that was the logical result of free will....we (Adam and Eve and ALL decedents) chose to rebel against Creation and we fell from Grace...the higher order of existence. We want back desperately and Creation wants us back DESPARATELY. As I said....our EGO demands that we struggle to achieve this end but it is physically and spiritually IMPOSSIBLE. Creation itself enters into time-space....the INCARNATION of the Creator as Jesus and tells us that "unless we are "born again" in spirit by "eating" the body and blood of His Incarnated Being, The Christ....we cannot succeed in rising to the higher vibrational levels that Creation was originally at prior to the fall." Now this sure sounds like "cannibalism" to me. Well, it would be for Christ as well! is NOT the actual Biological Flesh and Blood of Jesus that He is talking about here. He is talking about the necessary "frequencies" that MUST be achieved to evolve. When a Catholic Priest (I suspect anyone might be able to do this in that we are ALL God's children) "consecrates" the Bread and Wine (NOT GRAPE JUICE) it is TRANSUBSTANTIATED into His Body and Blood in EQUIVALENT String Frequency....the frequencies necessary for transition that everyone in searching in the wrong places for. Therefore....when we EAT His Body and Blood in the form of consecrated Bread and is STILL biologically Bread and Wine BUT it is no longer just Bread and Wine in resonant frequency of the "tiny little string loops"....IT IS THE FREQUENCY OF HIS PRECIOUS BODY AND SHED BLOOD and we proclaim His Vicarious Death on the Cross for our EGOS (sins...the non-resonant frequencies that prevent us from evolving to higher dimensional states) until He returns. We are commanded to eat His Body and Blood because "we become what we eat". Is God awesome or what?!!! If we eat His Body and Blood in an ego state...the frequency is once again the same as just real bread and wine. This is the Lord's Supper given to us the night before He was Crucified as the ONLY GIFT that will allow us to "cross over" to the higher Spiritual dimensions. Maybe re-incarnation continues until each person finally gets it right. Don't really know for sure in that the Bible does not really address this issue that clearly. But, it is definitely all about EGO...that you can take to the bank and the ONLY way around it is His "nutritional plan" of eating His Body and Blood (Ave Verum Corpus) to raise our frequencies. (another simple terms...He died for us...He rescued us for He is our Creator that brings us "HOME" John 14:6 is not just a good is ONLY WAY that raises frequency. There are many many counterfeit ways.....Spiritualism, Scientology, Christian Scientist, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha'I', Hare Krishna, Mormonism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, all ancient culture religions (Indian) and unfortunately....most Christian groups. Notice I didn't include Judaism. Good reason too. DON"T mess with the Jews! The Fig Tree Prophecy is way too powerful to mess with. Remember....the Jesus, whose Body and Blood we are to consume, is NOT A CHRISTIAN! He was a Faithful Jew!

John 14:6 "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, NO ONE comes to the Father except THROUGH Me."

This Scripture is NOT about Christianity or is about the restitution of String Frequencies for Transition to the 5th World God's Paradise on Earth....the way it was in the "beginning" before the natural consequence of Free Will in the Garden of Eden in Southern Iraq..

We do NOTHING but accept God's free Gift of Love. When we do.....we eat Jesus and become Him....the real Heterotroph Hypothesis. Eat "twinkies" ya get physically sick. Eat "spinach" ya get physically better (ask Popeye!) Eat "religion" (any of them) ya get Spiritually sick. Eat the Precious Body and Blood of Christ and you get Spiritually better! ......SIMPLE. Doubting Thomas placed his fingers into Christ's Wounds and he KNEW! God has given us the Gift of Science and through it we have discovered His REALITY.... Quantum Entanglement and String Theory....the "equivalent" of putting our fingers into Jesus' Wounds.


"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His blood, you have no life in you; he who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day."-- John 6:53, 54


God Bless....David...The Doubting Thomas

PS...Remember..Prayer works for we are connected to God by Strings!


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