Monday, May 29, 2006


The following post is a response to an e-mail I received from a friend on articles from the following sites…. The articles referred to ancient legends of levitation and anti-gravity craft and how acoustic energy might have been involved.

I responded that new discoveries in String Theory such as Quantum Entanglement etc. could possibly lend credence to these ancient legends.

As I mentioned many times before, I suspect that the "tiny string loops" of String Theory are actually GOD's THOUGHTS. It is His Thoughts and Word manifested as Strings that Create and essentially we ARE His DREAM! Well...the audio energy of the trumpets was not necessarily the force that caused the levitation but were merely instruments that allowed the players to "focus" their "thought energy" into levitating the stone. The musical vibrations may have acted as a sort of amplifier of the thought energy that manipulates String frequency according to our will. It is still also possible that the sound energy involved is simple resonance but then again, that’s what String Theory is all about! I honestly believe the Christ tried to teach this stuff! As Jesus taught us...We are IN God and He is in US! Religion caused man to lose site of TRUTH and "covered" it in a man made concept of SIN. By inventing SIN, it blinded us to the TRUE problem...EGO! The "miracles" of Jesus are possibly ONLY after a person conquers EGO for in reality...EGO=SIN. When we achieve pure humility, love, compassion, honor, integrity.....WE WILL BE ABLE TO WALK THROUGH WALLS, FLY LIKE SUPERMAN, MOVE MOUNTAINS (levitation) ETC. Jesus said we will do more than He! “ does one conquer EGO? It is so simple we screw it up! The TRUTH is WE CAN’T.” It is IMPOSSIBLE for mortal man to EVER conquer EGO. This is why The Creator Source God YHWH INCARNATED.... to FREE us from our EGO's. This is the SECRET to John 14:6..."I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...NO ONE comes to the Father (GOD) except through me. Everyone thinks this means to become a Christian. Nope...Christianity is a religion...JESUS is GOD our Creator... every person must decide for themselves whether to accept this as TRUTH or reject it for that is the Essence of the Law of Free Will.

Well…if I am correct about String Theory and we will eventually “master” the technology to alter frequency and therefore alter matter and energy AND time-space itself, WE ALL HAVE THE GIFT OF BEING SUPERMAN! Well…I still can't fly or walk through walls or move objects with my mind and I thank God everyday that I can't BECAUSE I AM SCARED OUT OF MY GORD OF THIS STUFF! Too much power for an EGO maniac like me! Someday.....when the Boss says I'm ready.....He'll help me do what I already know I can do! Jesus is NOT a liar...He said we can do this psychic stuff! Quantum Entanglement is enough to handle right now and you know what Einstein said about that..." a force all too SPOOKY!"

By the way...Have you read Col. Philip Corso's "The Day After Roswell?" I'm half way through it now. My first impression is that he wrote a book about SV's for sure but I suspect it is disinformation. He seems a bit "arrogant" for me to believe him because he blows the "Sagan Postulate" out of the water. Why should I not be "cautious" of Corso...he was an Army Colonel.....there are 5 kinds of people you should NEVER trust....1) Military top brass 2) politicians 3) lawyers 4) used car salesman and 5) ego driven clergy of any religion!
I had lunch with Carl Sagan and believe me...he was "light years" from being arrogant! I'm sorry...I buy the Sagan Postulate 100% for that is scientifically logical and Science is NOT "fear" based....almost EVERYTHING else invented by man is except music and art!
Sagan Postulate....A society whose technology is more advanced than its' sociology will annihilate itself. ( ie; Atlantis) SV's visiting us in time-space vehicles would not be here according to Sagan. "Fallen Angels" did NOT come here on their own... They were "sentenced" and "imprisoned" here. Their "self annihilation" is eminent following transition from this 4th World to the 5th World of Christ's Paradise come to Earth.

So...who do I trust?.... The late Col. Corso, who was a "military top monkey" or the late Carl Sagan, who was a meek Astro/Physics Professor from Cornell University (about 70 miles from me) I have read Carl's books and I have met him...I don't know Corso except in his one book. ( I'm not sure, but I think Dr. Boylan considers Corso to be a person of "disinformation." He doesn't think much of Carl either, I think. Not sure. I strongly believe Sagan is correct.


Another thing about the trumpet thingy The concept of acoustic sound and its' affect on matter makes sense. Sound is vibrational energy and Strings are vibrating tiny loops of very specific frequency so there is direct connection for sure. AND....The Trumpet players probably thought Joshua was nuts when he had them line up along a plane parallel to the Walls of Jericho and "blow" there Trumpets...."AND THOSE WALLS CAME A TUMBLIN' ON DOWN."

(Uggh ...My Riley doggy/ Bassett Hound got through the fence last night and took off. We finally got him at 3:30am. Had to be up at 6am to play "taps" at 15 cemeteries. I am tired. And have an Exedrin headache number 47!..Gonna go to bed!)

PS;Whitley Strieber was on Coast to Coast AM last night. Very interesting. Seems there are some "not so friendly" SV's...I am convinced these are the ones who "fell" with their boss...Lucifer. I am convinced they are the Biblical Demons and the good guys (our friends) are the Biblical Angels. I don't take the Bible as a religious writing. I think it is VERY Scientific! These "fallen" ones can't go into the 2nd Heaven.... approximately 250 miles into space. Astronaut Affect is pretty convincing evidence of this. Wouldn't be surprised the "good SV's" keep an eye on them! I think the good SV's are examples of the Sagan Postulate. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here! Fermi (first sustained fission chain reaction) formulated a hypothesis called the Fermi Postulate…There are no SV’s….otherwise we would see them! Rather arrogant view thinking we are so intelligent that the SV’s would not be able to remain undetected. Maybe THEY decide when to be seen or not!

Pax……Doubting Thomas


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