Monday, August 28, 2006

"HOW vs WHY"

A new "friend" (link in title) signed my guest book recently complimenting my site. I visited his site and read his post (The Summer Read I Just Couldn't) about a book by Sam Harris called "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason (2004)." It inspired me to make a brief observation of it's message........

The Doubting Thomas said...
Jockomo "Jack"...Thank you for signing my guestbook and visiting my blog. I appreciate it very much. I like your blog! I'll put your link on my blog!

This Harris guy and all illogical philosophers, atheists etc. need to contemplate "Prime Genesis." If "Big Bang" is true or if "Continuous Creation" or "Creation Equillibrium" is true, either way... (and String Theory is questioning the idea of "Big Bang.") ,instead of "denying" a Creator and Creation..BOTH VERIFIES A CREATOR AND CREATION! It is the ONLY logical conclusion one can make because "We think therefore we are!" EXISTENCE ITSELF IS THE PROOF OF CREATION!

There are 2 questions that philosophy cannot answer without science and vice-versa... "Why Creation in the first place and how it happened?"
How and why are different questions and NEITHER affects the other. Those who believe that science can EXPLAIN the WHY of existence and therefore can destroy "religion" do not understand the difference between the questions of why and how. The "battle" between religion and science is therefore entirely an illusion created by ignorance of BOTH!
I have not read Harris's book but I am confident that his "thinking" is shallow and illogical. I suspect the reason behind why a person refuses to "believe" in God can be reduced to one simple word....MORALITY....we want to do as we please without fear of the consequences to ourselves and others. EVERYTHING we experience in life is a variation on the "original lie" of "surely you shall not die." If it "feels good"...DO IT!

No matter what ANYONE tells you.."there are no atheists in a foxhole."

Pax....Doubting Thomas (David)


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