Friday, August 18, 2006


I guess I am living up to my own philosophy stated in my "preamble"...." growth occurs for both parties ONLY when there are differences in opinions!" I have received 2 comments that flatly disagree with me that even have a slight overtone of condemning me! (one comment on my post "Ignorance Is Not Bliss" and one on "An Apology to a Friend.") I also received and e-mail from my TV-Internet Evangelist friend that was also VERY negative towards me. Boy...If my philosophy is true, I'll end up being a "genius!" Seems that no matter who we are...any degree of success in what we do eventually "blinds" us to reason..... My last tirade with my Evangelist friend follows.......

Pax.....Doubting Thomas (David)


"actually..God's TV ministry has not "failed"...not in the least..we jsut completed our 910th consecutive program last night....for the month we were on nationwide..something NO ministry ahs ever done...2400 came to faith in Christ..that program on finances you scoff at...helped lead thousands to a place of faith and seeing God's hand of provision...oh..we are schedule to be back on for a 3 yr run nationwide starting November for the Schiavo case..I deal with cases like this DAILY..people CHOOSE dialy not to be artificially kept alive..but to simply die naturally....and don't have time in my 20 hour days to read books designed to help get the authors rich..PDL is nothing but a basic discipleship manual 90% of the churches uses to use 40 yrs ago..shows you how weak the church has become..when they try to copy and mimic a move of God by once church..too bad Warren never gives an alter call at his church or in his book..what good is leading millions to good works if you don't get them saved first? keep reading books..I'll keep going out and DOING THE WORK..."

You will be in my prayers, be richly blessed,
Bill Keller


"Bill.....thank you for responding...I really do appreciate it and THIS time I believe it was you that answered. I know you are busy and your work is important in bringing the Gospel to the world. There are many ministries and we need to encourage eachother in our works for God's Kingdom..NOT keep score and claim other ministries are not doing God's Will. Believe me, my intentions in sharing with you is NOT to put you or your ministry down. Just remember..."Pride goes before the fall." Please don't let that happen...your ministry is more important than you realize. Don't blow it! AND congratulations on getting back on National TV in November. I shall be tuning in! I apologize for the insensitive remarks I made to you.

By the way....Dr. Jack Van Impe has a VERY large "secular TV" following and many thousands have come to Christ through his ministry as well. He has been on National TV a very long time. is only a weekly 30 minute program is a ministry JUST as important as yours. He is teaching people about the eminent return of Jesus and I believe you believe this as well. Your focus is on people who are "hurting" and that is so very important. I have a Priest friend who works in the soup kitchens of the ghettos of Philadelphia. He has brought many to the Salvation that is in Jesus Christ ONLY..not the Catholic Church. He doesn't try to get them to be Catholic...Just get help and accept Jesus PERIOD! Remember what Jesus said to His Disciples when they were complaining about people who were NOT of Jesus' group that was preaching the Gospel! Don't "fall for the trap" set by Satan himself, that makes us judge someone else's work for the Lord. Stick to Jesus and Him Crucified and "let" God judge "other" ministries.

Bill....your enthusiasm for the Lord and the SOULS of people is admirable....keep it up... BUT always "beware" and "be aware" of Ephesians 6:12: "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Please don't allow ego and pride to "blind" your work for Jesus. Remember...St. Peter swore he wouldn't forsake Jesus! We need eachother for encouragement...we can't do it alone!

As far as Terri Schiavo said..." for the Schiavo case..I deal with cases like this DAILY..people CHOOSE dialy not to be artificially kept alive..but to simply die naturally....

Absolutely..this is why we have "living wills" so that someone else is not making such decisions for you! The two "key" words in your statement is "artificially kept alive" and "die naturally." Respirators and ANY thing that replaces the function of an organ system, etc. are "artificial." Food and hydration delivery systems are NOT ARTIFICIAL. The inability to eat or drink is simply not a "natural way to die." Nutrition and water is never medication...the body has a system called Homeostasis...the ability to continue the life process. As long as nitrition and water is present it functions. If nutrition and water is fails...this NOT NATURAL DEATH but is called STARVATION. Natural death occurs when Homeostasis fails. Starvation will cause Homeostasis to fail but this is NEVER NATURAL Your belief that it is "artificial" is "fuel" for those who believe in Darwinian Evolution! Man did NOT come from "evolution" PERIOD!

I was dissapointed that you avoided my discussion about the SOUL's presence,.... when it enters a person,....... ...when it leaves.... and where it resides in the body! You also avoided my view of the "Temple of the Holy Spirit." I believe that Terri was a Child of God and was a forgiven sinner through the Blood of Jesus and therefore..she "was the Temple of the Holy Spirit." Of are free to say that she was "lost" and therefore the Holy Spirit was NEVER present in the first place. I for one will judge NO ONE. I know that if you accept Jesus as your Savior and you turn your life over to will inherit Eternal Life as He promised. I also know that those who reject Him will be "separated from God" for eternity. I just don't know who has or has not rejected Him. That's God's department.

Again..I apologize for any insensitive remarks I have made and I will continue to pray that your ministry reaches many people with the Truth of the Gospel. Remember, we are all forgiven sinners and the Spirit is strong but the flesh is weak God Bless"....In Christ's Precious Blood.....Pax...David (the Doubting Thomas)

PS: this will be my final e-mail on Terri Schiavo. Prayer always works better than discussion anyway!


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