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In 1984, using "reverse scientific method", quantum physicists worked out the mathematical equations that seem to "unify" the four forces of the Universe. Referred to as the Unification Theory that Albert Einstein so tirelessly labored over yet never was able to enjoy its' fruits, the "new" Theory of EVERYTHING as it is affectionately called by some, does "unify" the four forces of electromagnetism, strong nuclear, weak nuclear and gravity.

This "new" theory, called "String Theory" by quantum physicists with its' alternate versions of "superstrings, brane and bubble", has recently come under brutal attack by academia, particualrly mathematicians who claim the "math" won't work becasue it requires a "multidimensional" Universe of 11 dimensions instead of just the measureable and observable dimensions of "space and time." Such a "narrow" view of reality allows no room for concepts like "hyperspace." This is the same narrow minded thinking that rejects the "spiritual or supernatural element of reality" This narrow mindedness rejects the "supernatural" and cannot understand that the "supernatural" is nothing but "undiscovered" natural! (credit to the magician the "Great Kreskin")

The observable and measureable phenomena of the recent discoveries of "quantum entanglement" and "zero point energy" are ignored as possible "scientific evidence" of String Theory. I suspect the reason for these attacks ON and evidence FOR String Theory has more to do with maintaining "political power" controlled by the "elite rulers" of the world (Cabal) than it does reality and is very much related to anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity because String Theory not only offers the world power "unimaginable" that would "set the captives free" from the Cabal but it also verifies spiritual TRUTHS of the Holy Bible and therefore would declare what Ramses II, Pharoah of Egypt, said 5,ooo years ago..."Their God IS God!"

It seems obvious that if YHWH is God and He DOES EXIST...the ONLY way to "beat" Him is to declare He doesn't exist and the Bible is fantasy written by men! Think about soon as one "accepts" the concept of a Creator, you are forced to comply with a morality that considers your behavior and its' affect on others to be accountable with consequences for violation of that morality. We would be forced to "fear" God if our behavior hurts ourselves or others so "uncreating God" becomes our only possible choice to avoid this dilemma.

The apparent teachings of the Koran that those who do not comply with "allah" are "infidels" and should be destroyed is proof that Islam is not only a man made false system of religious belief created by Mohammed but it is also proof that belief in a Supreme Creator demands complying with a morality that requires accountability. The argument that morality is "relative" is based on the non-existence of a Creator because with a Creator we feel we have no "free will." It is ironic that because of Creator YHWH we are given the Law of Free Will to accept Him and His Laws or reject His existence and "be gods ourselves." Another alternative is to "create" a god that is ALL loving and forgiving so that the choices we make have no consequences. (ie; no hell, no devil....basic premise of New Age Philosophy...they "want their cake and eat it too!") One of the most difficult concepts for many people to understand is that the Law of Free Will demands consequences for "bad choices" or "WE DON'T REALLY HAVE FREE WILL AT ALL!"

SO WHAT DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MONEY? It is said that if you want the TRUTH..."follow the money trail." ie: The "anti-nuclear power movement" that tried close down our nuclear reactors and stop new ones from being made in America and was unfortuneately quite successful, is supported ENTIRELY by Arabian money. This was verified by a study done in 1976 at Penn State University, College Station. Pa. Realize...ONE Uranium 235 cylindrical fuel pellet the size of a large pencil eraser, (approx...(XXXXXX) is equivelent to the energy in almost 100 barrels of oil and
there are 172 pellets in one fuel rod (6 feet long) and 16 fuel rods in one pile and over 200 of these piles in an average sized fission reactor. You calculate how many barrels of oil that would be in a year! Hmmmm...$76 a barrel and $3.00 a gallon for gas? Hmmmmm....."follow the money!"

OK.....String Theory is pure fantasy, right? WRONG! Is there a "money trail" to follow on String Theory? You better believe it! Five major computer companies have invested billions of dollars on a research facility in Winnepeg, Manitoba utilizing the phenomena of "Quantum Entanglement" in designing "quantum CPU chips" for future high speed computers. ( I doubt computer companies go around investing money on "fantasy!" One scientist has actually tried to apply for a patent on "Liquicode"...the frequencies codes for matter synthesis! (see Tomashii...

BUT TODAY.....August 28, 2006.... Neil Covuto on Fox News actually interviewed the CEO of an Irish company that has not only developed "zero point energy" technology but is very close to manufacture and distribution of zero point generators. They have "challenged" all scientists to test their device for being REAL and that it can "tap" into zero point energy in hyperspace! (click on title of post for link to the zero point site.)

..Being a String Theory freak..I was well aware of "zero point energy" BUT seeing this today on TV blew my mind! Most critics of "zero point energy" is fantasy because it violates the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics... It's like quantum entanglement. Companies don't invest millions of dollars on "fantasy." By the way....."zero point energy" actually DOES NOT violate the 3rd Law because the technology is not an "energy transformation" system as all sources of energy are at present. Zero point energy is "tapping" on the "ambient energy" present within "hyperspace" and "draining" it into normal "space-time." It is PURE FREE ENERGY. The ONLY cost would be for the "zero point generator!" It is just like "tapping" into the phloem of a maple tree and draining off the maple sap. No energy loss. Just like quantum entanglement was discovered because of String Theory is the same for zero point energy.

The recent avalanche of String Theory critics saying String Theory has put quantum physics behind 30 years is pure "spin" designed as a last ditch effort to preserve the "elites" control of the world! As they say..."follow the money" if you seek truth! Money is being invested in zero point energy and quantum entanglement because IT IS REALITY! Obviously companies who make money by selling energy will spend billions on trying to stop this zero point energy "fantasy." "Truth is MUCH stranger than fiction" "Follow the Money!"

Pax...Doubting Thomas (David)


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