Friday, December 09, 2016


God is PERFECT...therefore  His Laws are PERFECT.

Debating evolution vs creation can cause many to mistrust God's PERFECT Word.  All humans need love and forgiveness AND the ONLY source of this is Jesus Christ.  Convincing people that evolution is a hoax will never bring people to repentance and accept the Grace of God through the Blood of Christ.  The Gospel is simple...Jesus Christ died to reconcile man to has nothing to do with evolution vs creation which causes confusion for both people of faith and especially atheists who will never accept that they need the saving Grace of Jesus because they assume the Bible is incompatible with science.  The ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that science verifies God's Word.  The problem is in the fundamental  interpretation of God's Word that seems to contradict science. This is sad indeed BECAUSE if we interpret God's Word through God's "gift" of science our "blind" faith in God's Word is replaced by INFORMED FAITH.  EXAMPLE......Man did NOT evolve from ape ancestors....Adam was VERY real and he was created by God in His image via recombinant DNA hybridization....."ABSOLUTE REAL INTELLIGENT DESIGN."  (God has no need or purpose in breaking His own PERFECT is man who requires this of his Creator!)

Merry Christmas to all.... In Christ ...David