Sunday, December 18, 2016

REAL Climate Chanage

Climate change is very real, however, man's activities have NOTHING to do with it. There are many factors involved all driven by solar activity but man is not one of the factors. Man made global warming is a political ploy used by the world "elite" to remove the last economic obstacle to Novus Ordo Seclorum......America!

BTW....CO2, the gas the "elite" world leaders blame on climate change, weighs 44 grams per mole. It is too dense to remain high up in the atmosphere acting as the "glass" of a greenhouse and therefore "sinks" to the surface where it is "buffered" by increase in "biomass" through photosynthesis and increased limestone deposition in bodies of water.

Why are there so many "alleged" scientists claiming man made climate change then? (notice they don't call it "global warming" any longer because of the recent "cooling" trend)  The answer is simple.......MONEY! If you oppose man made global warming you don't get government grants for your own research and worse, your reputation is ridiculed often resulting in loss of career. AND...the news media is NOT "news media"...they ARE a "climate propaganda machine" controlled by the "elite" world leaders and they will never report the vast numbers of REAL scientists who KNOW man made climate change is an illusion.   Notice they accuse people who know the truth as "climate deniers."  This is disingenuous because climate change is REAL. The "elite" expect you to believe we cause it!

 What about Bill Nye's ("the science guy") man made global warming position? Look no further than his bank acount for the answer! AND Al Gore "is no dummy....he laughs all the way to the bank!"
I taught science for 35 years and I always feared that someday we would be a nation of scientifically ignorant people. Sadly...we are there! (you can thank "common core" for that!)  Alexis deToqueville (19th Century French Dipolomat)  said in his book "Democracy in America"...Democracy will fail without an educated citizenry.