Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Aam and Eve




God is PERFECT therefore His Laws are PERFECT. The "supernatural" is NOT a violation or suspension of those Laws BECAUSE they are PERFECT . The "supernatural" is a human convention to label phenomena that is not yet understood and whose Laws governing such phenomena have not been discovered yet.

A basic principle of Science is that discovering the mechanism of how something is evidence of the Laws that govern the phenomena. The assumption that many Scientific discoveries are incompatible with the Bible is an illusion. It is the interpretation of the Bible that often contradicts Scientific discovery. Fundamental Christianity claims the Creation of Adam and Eve revealed in the Book of Genesis is incompatible with the popular Scientific explanation of Darwinian Natural Selection. Ironically this is one case where the Fundamentals are correct and Science is sadly wrong!

The real Science behind the Creation of Adam and Eve has been discovered AND is compatible with the Genesis account, however,  because most people in the Scientific community rejects the Truth and Wisdom revealed in the Bible, they are totally unaware that Science has discovered how God did it!  There are some in Science who do believe in God yet still embrace evolution as the mechanism of Adam and Eve's Creation which is most definately incompatible with Genesis.  God could have used evolution to do it because ALL His Laws are PERFECT but that is not what He revealed in Genesis. There has to be another explanation that IS compatible with God's Word and is based on Laws Science has discovered AND  there IS, yet the Scientific community AND the religious comuunity are oblivious to this Truth. The religious community would reject this Truth because they fear that Science is not just incompatible..it is dangerous and destroys God's Word and sadly they have embraced pseudoscience which creates illusion that enslaves all men and threatens our freedoms. Most in the Scientific community wiould reject this Truth becausethey reject God.

The  Creation of Adam and Eve revealed in Genesis expalined through God's PERFECT Laws of Science.........

Genesis....  "God Created man in His Image from the "dust" of the Earth and "breathed life"into man. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous are elements found on this planet..."dust of the Earth."  Science has discovered the the basic chemical of "life" that records the "genetic codes" that determines the protein enzymes present in a living cell that determines the biochemistry that occurs in the cell which determines what an organism is....moneran, protist, plant fungus or animal.  The five elements of  "dust" are the elements that make up that "recording" chemical...deoxyribonucleic acid..DNA.  Science claims man evolved from Simian ancestors. Since the the human genome (DNA codes)  is 98% identical to Simians, it is understandable Science would embrace the evolution explanation, however, this explanation is impossible because the ONLY source of "new and natural" genetic codes needed for Natural Selection is via DNA mutation of which 99% are "lethal" and produce defective proteins. Less than 1 % of any possible "positive" mutations occur in germ tissue that produce sex cells...the ONLY ones that pass on the genetic codes to future offspring for selection to occur.  The reason this is critical is because there simply was NOT enough "time" between Simians and Hominids. The ONLY other explanation is that God Created Adam via Recombinant DNA Hybridization...."dust of the Earth."   The 2% difference in DNA reveals that this "new" DNA and its' code was NOT from Earth and proves we are truly "Children of God"  just as the Bible says. This 2 % DNA that makes us human came from the Kingdom of God...NOT from Earth.  Note: the "breathed" issue......I suggest this refers to arobic cellular respiration.

Eve's Creation......

Genesis.....Adam was not happy with the indigenous females..they were NOT of hs "flesh." God saw Adam needed a help mate. He placed Adam into a "deep sleep",  removed a "rib" and covered it with "flesh and bone" Creating Eve. When God presented her to Adam, Adam exclaimed...."at last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women BECAUSE SHE COMES FROM A MAN."

Scientifically explained and 100% compatible with the Scripture......

The "rib" is an easily accessible and rich source of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are easily "reset" to an earlier embryonic state using determinant enzymes. ( called IPS cells...."Induced Pluripotency) Note: We are doing this today in growing various tissues and organs.) Two IPS cells are required. The "Y" chromosome (DNA) is removed from one and is discarded..the cell is saved.   The "X" chromosome is removed from the second IPS cell and is inserted into the nucleus of the first. The second cell is discarded.    The altered first cell is induced to begin cleavage and form a blastocyst that is placed into a surrogate "womb" (probably in vitro) where morphogenesis gestation is completed in 9 months and "baby Eve" is born. I suggest that the "deep sleep" of Adam was not a surgical anesthetic but a form of suspension because Eve was a sexually mature young women when she was presented to Adam.  There is no question that this explanation is compatible with the Scripture because she came from a man and was his flesh and bone and blood etc.  (modified cloning)  (Good thing the "Y" was replaced with an "X" or it would have been "Adam and Steve?"  uuugh!

About the Son of God, Son of Man.... Yeshua ben Joseph..Jesus the Christ of God.........

Merriam (Mary) was a Jewess Virgin. She conceived Jesus via the Holy Spirit of God using God's PERFECT Laws once again.  Jesus was obviously a "Hybrid God-Man"....23 human chromosomes (DNA) from His Mother Mary and 23 "DIVINE" chromosomes (DNA) from God.  Half man and half God...no wonder He had those "powers."

Of course the MOST important fact about Jesus is that our planet and all people who accept His Truth (John 14:6)  are RESTORED to God's Kingdom..the Infinate Cosmic Family through His Death, Burial, and Resurrection, Our planet will soon be RESTORED upon Jesus RETURN as King of Kings and Lord of Lords EXACTLY the same way He left 2000 years ago..Acts 1:8-11.  AND there is a lot of Science involved in that "cloud" Jesus dissappeared into. (saved for another time)

The views expressed inmy comments will never be understood by the religious or atheists untill they and all humanity understand the True God revealed in the "flesh"in the Incarnation iof Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Jesus said that He and the Father are ONE and if we repent, accept and obey He and the Father on the Spirit will "live within us."   This statement of Jesus cannot be understood until one understands the Hebrew word for God...."Elohim." and the Genesis  Scripture..."Let Us Create Man in OUR Image,"

In Christ...David