Sunday, March 19, 2017


                                               AN INCONVENIENT FACT

Now that half of the people have had the last 2 months to express their support and love for President Donald Trump and his plan to "save" America from Novus Ordo Seclorum, mostly on social networks and very little coverage in the mainstream media, AND half the people have expressed their insanely  emotional  hatred and fear of him  to the level of impeaching or worse assasinating him  on social networks, AND with  HUGE coverage in the mainstream media , IT IS TIME FOR REVEALING AN INCONVENIENT FACT........

The anti-Trump movement has based their displeasure on the fact that "their" candidate won the popular vote and it was the “alleged” unconstitutional Electoral College (which BTW has been constitutional over the last 200 years) that robbed them of their choice for President. We already know Trump blew away Clinton in electoral votes!  (270 required..Trump 304, Clinton 232)  The SIMPLE INCONVENIENT FACT is that IF the popular vote in New York and California were subtracted from the total...President Trump would have WON the popular vote by  3, 131,876  votes instread of losing the popular vote by  2,864,974 votes with California and New York!    (look it up...... 
There  are 50 you really want the President of the United States determined by just 2  high population liberal states?  If you do you have no clue what a Republic is and you are obviously a selfish liberal yourself hypocritically claiming FAIRNESS. America is a Republic Democracy.  We conservatives had to live through the last 8 years of liberal policy! The genius of the founders of our country is that they realized that a true Democracy needed a protection mechanism to prevent a “demographically  skewed popular vote” determining the outcome of an election.   Last year's election was a validation of the needed protection if the  Electoral College.  I live in New York...I would gladly give up my vote to protect true Democracy!   Just because California and New York have the most liberal minded people doesn’t mean they are the “guardians” of what is best for America….true Democracy is suppose to determine that.


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