Saturday, June 03, 2017




MY COMMENTS........ doesn't end (Isaiah45)....the SECULAR WORLD ORDER ends and the planet IS restored to the Kingdom of God. When? Only the Father knows as Jesus said. So why have men tried so hard predicting "when" throughout time and obviously have failed miserably and tragically in many cases? BECAUSE they missed the Lord's warning to be aware of THE SIGN and concentrated on "the signs" instead. (Matthew 24) The "signs" of the TRUE time of restoration (so called end times) will most certainly be a characteristic of the "end times", however, many of these signs have been a constant part of the rise and fall of civilizations leading the religious world to speculate.

What's missing then to reveal WHEN restoration is close? Jesus told us but because of prejudice, hatred, racism AND understanding the Covenants of the Lord...the SIGN has been missed by most eschatologists. Many Christians have fallen for the illusion that God has taken the "keys" to the Kingdom from the Jew and gave it to the Gentiles in the New Covenant and has revoked all other Covenants. THIS is a lie straight from satan. The New Testament does NOT nullify God's promises given through the Covenants.....IT FULLFILLS THEM FOR ALL PEOPLE...Jew and Gentile. John 14:6 applies to ALL human beings, Jew or Gentile. A better name for the New Testament would have been...FULLFILLED Testament! Sadly, because so many do NOT understand the Covenants they have fallen victim to satan's lies that the Church of Christ has REPLACED Israel with the result.  ALL people who repent, Jew or Gentile, who repents and accepts Jesus as Savior become members of the Church of Christ ...PERIOD! is today different than all other times in the past?  Are all these Matthew 24 signs THE SIGN?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! It's about "THE SIGN" that is overlooked or even ignored by those who have replaced logic with emotional anti-Semitism.  The Disciples asked Jesus when the Kingdom would be restored.   As He said...only the Father knows but He did specifically reveal to them THE SIGN.  Jesus said..."When the "fig tree" begins to sprout leaves, you know that summer and  the fruit is near."  The Disciples KNEW Jesus was NOT talking about seasonal change or fig trees or fig Newtons! They KNEW that the symbol of Jacob..who became Israel was the "Fig Tree."  This Prophecy is flatly rejected by many Laodician Churches of today because anti-Semitism has blinded them and they have embraced the satanic lie that the Church is Israel.  Jesus was saying that the Kingdom would NOT be restored until Israel was re-established which happened on May 14, 1948 and Jerusalem restored to Israel on June 10, 1967.   THE SIGN HAS BEEN FULFILLED!  Isaiah 2 and 11 will soon be FULLFILLED......REPENT NOW!

NOTE: President Trump has recently delayed the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. HMMMM.... Maybe this is a blessing in disquise because God may be delaying Rapture so many more Jews and Gentiles will respond to God's Love and repent and accept His Son Jesus as the "Savior of the World."