Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Why is the Democrat Party so divided today and therefore ineffective? Probably the same reason the Republican Party is…the leadership in both represent themselves and their own selfish agendas and have lost touch with their Party. However, being a former Democrat myself, I see something else happening. I believe there are 3 Democrat Parties…….

The 1st and original Face of the Democrat Party, the one I was in, represented the basic concept of the American dream. I call them the JFK Democrats. Liberalism was not the basic theme of the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy….It was “Americanism.” ….”Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.”. Liberalism took over the party as people began to abandon faith in God and pursue a hedonistic life style. “If it feels good…DO IT!” People 50 years old and older who somehow how missed this infiltration of our party who are unfortunately still “die hard” Democrats see the Democrat Party today through the “illusion” of “JFK rose colored glasses.” The Clintons, Gore, Kerry, etc all look like JFK through these glasses. They live in illusion. (Guess the glasses didn’t work on Joe Lieberman!) I am 61 and I saw this illusion and I threw away my “glasses” and therefore I had no choice but to leave the Party because I could see the “beast” who had taken over the Party. (I believe that if JFK were alive to day he would have no choice but to be a Republican!)

The 2nd Face of Democrat Party is the truly liberal thinking people from voting age to 50. They are the “flower children-drug” generation of the 70’s. They are so “open minded” their brains have fallen out. They have replaced Judeo-Christian concepts of morality with the New Age religion of Secularism. It is this group that our foreign enemies have targeted. Almost all of the liberal secular programs targeted to this group is supported by “enemy” foreign money. Our educational system and judicial system were the first to be “taken over” by this group. It took over like a “cancer” and has spread into all of the American culture and has succeeded in removing God from our culture. This is direct proof that “Liberalism” is a DISEASE. Unfortunately, this group of New Democrats have re-created God into being a “God of Love” and eliminated any concept of judgment for immoral behavior. No hell, no punishment, no devil. The majority of this group are “New Age thinkers.” Morality is relative to them so there is no right and wrong. “THEY ARE THE PAWNS OF THE 3RD FACE ALONG WITH JFK DEMOCRATS.”

The 3rd Face of the Democrat Party is the MOST insidious. They have an agenda that is selfish and destructive to not only America but the entire world. They are part if the corrupt United Nations. This group is NOT the enemy of the Republican Party but is instead the “evil” part of the Party! Their cover is to pretend they are enemies of the Republican “shadow party.” Dr. Michael Savage, host of Radio Talk Show “Savage Nation” and author of book of same name, calls them “Republicrats.” They are all “smoke and mirrors”…..a sick illusion. THEY ARE PART OF THE WORLD CABAL whose agenda is to maintain “control” over the people. We the people of America and the World are “enslaved” by them without us knowing it! They have one purpose and ONLY one purpose…”TO PREPARE THE WORLD FOR A ONE WORLD GLOBAL GOVERNMENT” under ONE World Leader that will forever guarantee their enslavement of mankind. They are the “elite” of the world and are the people of the Bilderbergs, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Commission on Foreign Relations, Masonry and Skull and Bones and many others collectively called the “Cabal.” This is the true “shadow government” of the World and was prophesied in the Holy Bible that will come up against God’s Kingdom and they will be destroyed at the Second Coming of The Christ, the Messiah of YHWH.

There is no Democrat or Republican Party that represents the people any longer. We have lost our true democracy to an enemy that is “within.”

Pax….The Doubting Thomas


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