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YES....we are ALL decendants of Adam and Eve, however, God did NOT use magic to create Adam and Eve. He sure didn't use Darwinian Natural Selection either! God is PERFECT..His Laws are PERFECT. God's "gift" of Science allows us to discover His Laws which reveals that the Genesis creation of Adam and Eve is ABSOLUTE Truth WHEN the Scripture is interpreted through God's "gift" of Science. .

There are two scientific reasons man did NOT evolve from apes. The first is that the ONLY source of  new , natural genetic information needed for new traits, which are subject to natural selection agents, comes from DNA mutations which are 99% lethal and form defective proteins preventing speciation….. AND….of the possible non-lethal mutations, less than 1% occur in germ tissue, the ONLY ones passed on to future generations where natural selection occurs. What this means is that there was no where near enough time for evolution to “create “ the Homo genera from Simians assuming natural selection could ever possibly create Homo sapiens in the first place, even IF there was enough time…..such a theory requires more faith than the Genesis account!

The second reason is that the Simian genome is TOO similar to Homo sapien which seems contradictory and causes many to assume man evolved from apes.  This assumption is an illusion and unfortuneately causes many to reject the posibility that Genesis is correct. Ofcourse the fundamental interpretation of Genesis also causes many to stumble causing them to reject the Bible entirely and the salvation it reveals in Jesus Christ.

The Genesis account of the creation of Adam and Eve is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  It tells us God created man from the “dust of the Earth” and Eve from the “rib” of Adam.  A question that needs answering is why is the ape-human genome almost identical and why is man so different and special  than all other animals and is ABSOLUTELY a “child of God.”. The “hint” is in the fact that God created man “in His image from the DUST of the Earth.” AND   There is no question that we are God’s actual “children.”

If man did not evolve from apes, and of course he didn’t,  the ONLY other explanation that explains the common genome is “Intelligent Design” involving God’s Laws of RECOMBINANT DNA HYBRIDIZATION  which we have discoivered through God’s “gift” of Science.  This explanation is supported by the “dust of the Earth” Scripture because the elements  that make up DNA are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous…..elements found on Earth….”dust.”   The DNA codes, about 5% or less) that makes us human is NOT of this Earth..they ARE the genetic codes from the FAMILY OF GOD….they did NOT form by mutation and natural selection..they were intentionally “spliced” into the genome by God via rDNA…..there is no question that we were created in God’s Image as Genesis says. 

Ofcourse many (fundamentals)  do believe in Intelligent Design but this belief is based on  “magic” (supernatural) which is a human convention. When the inspired writers of Scripture wrote God’s Words, man had no concept of the Laws that govern God’s creation that we are discoveribng today. Sadly, many fundamental believers reject the Science that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that God’s Word is ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  The apparent mistrust between many believers and Science is obviously an illusion created by the great liar satan himself.  God is PERFECT, therefore His Laws are                                                                                                                                                                                                        PERFECT and the violation or suspension of those Laws (supernatural)  would imply that His Laws are not PERFECT…a non-sequitur.

The creation of Eve from Adams “rib” is also revealed as Truth when applying God’s PERFECT Laws.  It was once believed that the “Y” chromosome of the male (DNA bundle) was a degenerate autosome implying that the female came first.  It has been revealed that this is NOT the case and that the “Y” is a unique specific bundle of DNA .  (sorry women’s femnest nazi libbers)  Science says the male is unique…Genesis says the male (Adam) was created first supporting the Science and that Eve was created after from Adam’s “rib.”  The fundamental interpretation implies God physically removed an entire rib and made it into the female Eve.  If His Laws are PERFECT, and they are, is there a Scientific interpretation that does not require the violation of His Laws?  ABSOLUTELY…. again proving that God’s Word is ABSOLUTE INERRANT TRUTH! 

The “rib” is a easily assessible source of adult stemcells via needle aspiration. (NOTE: The deep sleep that Adam was placed under was not anesthesia for surgical removal of an entire rib. Not much medical stuff going on back then let alone surgery! The deep sleep will be explained later)  The adult stem cells removed from the “rib marrow” are easily “re-set” to an earlier embryonic state.  Two cells are required. The “Y” chromosme of one is removed, discarded and the cell is saved.  The “X” chromosome from the second cell is removed and is inserted into the nucleus of the first, the second cell is discarded.  The resulting modified cell is induced to begin cleavage and form a blastocyst and is placed into a surrogate womb (probably in vitro)  where gestation is completed in 9 months and little baby Eve is born!  The deep sleep was probably a form of suspended animation because when God presented Eve to Adam, she was a sexually mature young women. The Scripture says that Adam exclaimed..”At last, this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, I will call her women because she comes from man.”  Again…. this Scientific explanation  proves that God’s Word is Truth.

This  Scientific interpretation of the creation of Adam and Eve along with Dr. Jeanson’s DNA discovery proves we are ALL decendants of these single parents…it also is a pretty good genetic explanation that we ALL inherited the “original sin”  as the Bible says. It is sad that so many believe Science is incompatible with the Bible when the opposite is true. It is also sad that so many believers fear and reject Science and embrace pseudoscience that enslaves all people to the Novus Ordo Seclorum. (evil secular new world order) It is even sadder that so many will never consider that Jesus is real and is who He said He is because of the illusion Science contradicts the Word of God. We true disciples of Jesus Christ will be held accountable for turning so many away from the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Harvard doc finds PROOF Adam & Eve existed (this is freaky!)

July 8, 2017