Thursday, September 07, 2006

"New Third Party Proposal"

An observation.....since the campaign season is now in full swing...I notice that the issue that seems to be popping up between Democrats and Republicans is really a battle between Fundamental Christianity and liberalism! Read my recent post at THERE ARE NO DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS IN POWER...JUST REPUBLICRATS! I would like to register as an Independent as Joe Lieberman is now but they are not allowed to vote in primaries so you are stuck with candidates the Dems put up and the Repubs put up! At least as an "Independent" Republican I can still vote in primaries and vote for who I think is the better person in the general election.

Many have tried a 3rd Party including Ross Perot and now Joe Lieberman by default because he didn't follow party lines. It would be nice to think such a political movement would make a difference. Hopefully Joe will win as an Indepenent.

Well...maybe the answer to the 3rd party we need in this country is a combination of all intelligent, independaent thinking people joining the Dems and Repubs and "taking over" BOTH parties. Maybe we could call this the "Independent Democans" party! If all of these "real" Americans registered as Independent and other minor parties registered instead in both the Democrat and Republican Parties, it could make a huge difference by controlling the primary election process. Why should "we" be stuck with the candidates the "elite" Democrats and "elite" Republicans put up? !!! If we want to "win" back our country..WE MUST INFILLTRATE!

Covert politics is the answer like in the old saying.."If we can't beat 'em, join 'em" AND then we "beat them from the inside." If you are an Independent or some other are merely voting for candidates that the Republicrats choose. Kind of dumb if you think about it. Everyone should register as a Democrat or Republican so we can take over the "primary process."

Until then...maybe we should vote against all incumbents! Pax...DT


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